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What we learned at ISTE 2022

We rubbed shoulders with the global education community at ISTE in New Orleans. Here’s what we learned.

Recently, members of the Canva for Education team visited New Orleans for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference, the largest edtech conference in the United States, focused on empowering educators, reconnecting with learning communities, and demonstrating how technology is transforming classrooms. Educational leaders shared ideas on how to accelerate learning gains, engage students, and enhance personalized learning opportunities. ISTE was full of excitement and hope for the future of education.

Over the course of the conference, we held workshops on supercharging classroom presentations through to showcasing how innovative educators are using Canva. We also spoke directly with educators to understand how they’re inspiring learning with visual communication. Here’s what we learned.

1. Video in the classroom is here to stay

One theme that stood out was the continuous rise of video in the classroom. We saw the use of video skyrocket during the pandemic with students embracing the medium to create and deliver projects remotely. Now, educators are increasingly incorporating a video component into student projects and activities, boosting engagement in the classroom and empowering students to flex their creative muscles.

With the use of video in the classroom here to stay, teachers were particularly excited to hear about three exciting new video updates in Canva: element timing, new transitions, and audio fade. Element timing was a hugely requested new feature that allows for more control over when images and graphics appear.

New transition features such as ‘match & move’ allow movement to appear more smooth, while audio fade gives volume control at the beginning and end of videos. Don’t forget, students can record themselves talking during a presentation or video. Now, they can also record across multiple scenes or slides as they present in the recording studio, and edit footage within the design. With these new updates, students can get even more expressive as they create videos and video presentations in Canva.

2. EdTech partnerships are boosting creative outcomes in the classroom

Increased investment in edtech is one of the current trends reshaping the digital learning landscape. Over the years, we’ve built an ecosystem of education partners dedicated to growing learning through technology, from Wakelet, to Book Creator, Flip, Pear Deck and Wonderopolis. We were pleased to hear these partnerships are inspiring creativity, design, and visual thinking in the classroom.

Wakelet, a free content curation platform, is empowering students to create all sorts of projects ranging from digital portfolios to book reports. Teachers are compiling reading lists, sharing information with parents, and organizing professional development resources. Now, with the Wakelet integration, you can easily add eye-catching and educational Canva designs directly to Wakelet. We also heard that our integration with Book Creator is inspiring creative outcomes — students with little design experience can create professional book covers, making their books come to life.

Through partnerships with Flip, Pear Deck and Wonderopolis, teachers are able to find custom template collections with those educational platforms in mind. We can’t wait to share what educational partnerships are next.

3. Teacher communities are encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration

Online teacher communities have emerged as a nice blend of social interaction and knowledge-sharing among peers. Canva Teachers Community is an exclusive Facebook group for teachers where we share the latest classroom ideas and product updates — a community where collaboration and sharing are highly encouraged. True to our mission to empower the world to design, we have Canva Teachers Communities all around the globe — from Italy, to the Philippines, and the United States. ISTE was a chance to connect with the global education community and hear first-hand from members how Canva Teachers Community is sparking ideas to improve outcomes for educators and students.

4. Teachers love templates

We recently announced Education Creators, a select program empowering teachers to create, publish and earn from their educational templates in Canva. Although in its infancy, there was plenty of buzz at ISTE about the program and the value it’s already delivering for educators. Not only do teachers love the fact that the templates are created by teachers for teachers, they also love that they can earn for creating and publishing templates in Canva. Teachers can make educational templates based on their favorite subjects and what they think the teaching community would love to use — it’s a model that gets everyone involved and is creating community-led experiences.

5. Visual communication is transforming education

Over the four jam-packed days, we were constantly amazed to hear how educators and school administrators are creating innovative, supportive and immersive learning environments by designing classroom posters, educational presentations, group projects, newsletters, student certificates, class schedules and other educational resources. Students all around the world are using Canva for Education to create, communicate and demonstrate their learning visually through presentations, posters, comic strips, infographics and more.

With more than 130,000 schools using Canva for Education, we were incredibly moved by educators’ stories on how they’re embracing visual communication to inspire creativity, critical thinking and innovation while supporting learning outcomes.

An investment in the future of creativity in the classroom has become a huge global focus — it’s one Canva cares deeply about. We wish you an incredible school year and can’t wait to see what you create next! Don’t forget Canva for Education is 100% free for all K-12 teachers, students, schools, districts, ministries and school systems.