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Canva for HR teams: Meet your new Work Kit

Human Resources teams need to keep pace with the many communication methods and tools used to empower organizations to do their best work. Enter the HR Work Kit: expertly curated templates and resources, all in one place.

Visual communication is fast emerging as one of the most impactful ways to attract candidates, engage teams, and enhance internal communications(opens in a new tab or window). From building a strong employer brand to creating better ways of working, HR teams are increasingly turning to visual communication to collaborate faster and more effectively amid changing business needs.

Figures from Canva’s Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window) estimate that 95% of leaders expect teams to have design skills, with most agreeing visual communication increases efficiency (90%) and collaboration (89%). A third of the people surveyed were HR leaders.

Visual communication is becoming table stakes even for roles and departments that might not have traditionally needed any kind of design experience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Canva’s new HR Work Kit(opens in a new tab or window): a collection of resources, templates, tools, and inspiration inside Canva tailored specifically for HR teams to level up their visual communication skills, collaborate more effectively, and achieve their goals.

The importance of visual communication for HR teams

Huge shifts in the way we work, ever-shrinking attention spans, and crowded tech stacks have made it difficult for HR teams to keep pace with the many communication methods and tools used to empower organizations to do their best work.

At Canva, we’ve created hundreds of HR-focused templates, processes, resources, and training materials for our own team to use – many of which we’ve included in the HR Work Kit.

Teams are feeling more inundated with information now than ever before. That’s where visual storytelling can be a critical tool to cut through the noise, with 89% of leaders believing visual communication tools help teams engage with important material.

Visual communication also unlocks efficiencies during the hiring process, for example, by creating visual recruitment collateral for job advertisements and onboarding guides. We also use visual docs(opens in a new tab or window), whiteboards(opens in a new tab or window), and presentations(opens in a new tab or window) to gather insights, share ideas, and make quick asynchronous decisions as we grow.

Rebekah Stewart, Expedia: “Across my team, we save 10 hours per week and can create up to 30% more social content. Canva saves me so much time because now I have a template. It would take me hours without having this tool.”

Visual communication is also undeniably effective for engaging internal communications(opens in a new tab or window). As a team spanning multiple time zones around the world, at Canva, we default to hybrid and asynchronous communication, using visual storytelling to keep teams informed, engaged, and connected. We’ve found this to be far more effective than static or text-heavy communication.

As we’ve embraced hybrid work(opens in a new tab or window), we’ve also found visual communication to play a critical role in accelerating collaboration across teams.

What’s in the HR Work Kit

We’ve designed Work Kits based on how our own teams use Canva as well as the opportunities and pain points we hear from our customers and community. Each Work Kit is a tailored hub in Canva with collections of templates, guides, training materials, and inspirational resources to empower teams to do their best work. From creating impactful visual content to collaborating effectively, boosting productivity, staying on-brand, and streamlining an ever-growing tech stack – the HR Work Kit has been built with every type of HR team in mind.

To help refine your craft and spark inspiration, we’ve included insightful articles and handy playbooks, such as an Inclusive Hiring Guide or tips on creating engaging company communications. The Work Kit’s library of ready-made, editable templates covers a whole spectrum of collateral HR teams create, from onboarding decks to policy documents and talent brand material. Meanwhile, a curated selection of go-to apps and integrations to streamline workflows, such as Asana,, and Job and Resume AI, are all at your fingertips.

Empowering HR Teams

We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities brought to life by visual communication when it comes to empowering HR teams to do everything from streamline workflows to accelerate collaboration, enhance employer branding, foster vibrant cultures, and scale internal communications globally.

Embedding visual communication into our operating practices, tech stacks, and ways of working is an incredibly important part of how we’ve grown our culture of innovation at Canva. By creating the HR Work Kit, we hope to empower other HR teams with the same visual communication tools to supercharge their goals.

Alongside HR, we’re also releasing Work Kits(opens in a new tab or window) for Sales(opens in a new tab or window), Marketing(opens in a new tab or window), and Creative(opens in a new tab or window) teams to enable cross-team collaboration, with plans to share more Work Kits for other kinds of teams throughout the year.

Ready to get started? Find the HR Work Kit(opens in a new tab or window) here.

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