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Canva for Sales teams: Meet your new Work Kit

By streamlining workflows and incorporating engaging visuals into outreach, pitch decks, and enablement materials, Sales teams can now make the most of the Sales Work Kit to capture attention, build trust, and accelerate deal cycles.

From hitting quotas to keeping prospects engaged amid information overload and juggling client demands, the stakes, and challenges for sales teams have never been higher. With time and attention at an all-time premium in today’s increasingly visual world, sales teams now need to deliver impactful, visual, and engaging content to make an impression and meet their goals.

That’s why we’re introducing Canva’s Sales Work Kit(opens in a new tab or window): designed and expertly curated to empower sales teams to connect with prospects, build relationships, and close deals faster with the help of world-class visual content.

The Sales Work Kit includes hundreds of professionally designed and customizable templates, educational resources, and apps, all purposefully curated and consolidated in one place. According to our Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window), 88% of business leaders agree visual communication accelerates sales cycles. From pitch decks to playbooks, Work Kits have been designed to take creativity and productivity in sales teams to new heights while helping to fortify the bottom line.

A template for sales success

Creating collateral for customers and prospects that's on-brand both visually and contextually is time-consuming and one size no longer fits all. Design teams in every organization are strapped for resources, yet outbound, inbound, and field sales representatives all have different and rapidly evolving needs when it comes to sales collateral. But not just any design will do. Brand consistency is paramount: every touchpoint a customer has with your company needs to be recognizable, credible, and beautifully produced. In the Sales Work Kit, we’re giving sales reps access to a library of professionally designed templates to create beautiful and engaging content in just seconds. Think pitch decks, proposals, sales reports, discovery docs, funnel charts, and more.

Everyone can benefit from working with templates that can be pre-approved and quickly made brand-ready. They’re particularly useful when facing tight RFP deadlines and internal designers may not be able to turn around requests in time. A templated approach means there’s no need to rely on designers every time you need to update the details of a prospect or resize logos. Designers can focus on designing, and reps can focus on selling.

Streamline workflows

Today’s reps have limited time to invest in learning new tools and already operate across a myriad of systems to complete day-to-day sales workflows. From CRMs to email marketing, prospecting, and analytics – the list goes on. The Sales Work Kit includes a bespoke range of apps and integrations(opens in a new tab or window) to make workflows even smoother. From easily accessing files with Sharepoint and Hubspot to making presentations dynamic with D-ID AO Presenters or Murf AI, our collection of business-critical apps makes reps more agile and responsive to customer needs.

Besides creating sales collateral, salespeople need to collaborate with other teams in areas such as marketing, product development, and customer service. With hybrid work(opens in a new tab or window) now the status quo, simple and effective collaboration has never been more important. Our integrations with apps like Slack and Teams eliminate bottlenecks and keep deals moving at pace thanks to real-time notifications and easy design sharing.

Learn on the job

The sales landscape is constantly evolving with changes in customer preferences, market trends, and competitor strategies. In a dynamic environment, staying relevant is crucial for sales success. The Work Kit for Sales unlocks access to a library of educational resources, allowing reps to stay one step ahead with the latest visual communication trends, technologies, and best practices. From tutorials to webinars and case studies, the Sales Work Kit is jam-packed with helpful and easily digestible content.

We’ve built the Sales Work Kit based on how our own global Sales team uses Canva as well as feedback from many of our customers. They’re empowered to effortlessly create and collaborate on pitch decks, presentations, video demos, brochures, social media posts, and more, while Canva’s brand management tools ensure our brand identity consistently shines at every step. Branded templates and our extensive app ecosystem have been incredibly powerful for unlocking efficiencies and uplifting productivity as we’ve scaled as a global team and surpassed the milestone of $2 billion in annualized revenue.

“The introduction of the Sales Work Kit underpins a new era of organizational empowerment, equipping salespeople with the tools and expertise they need to enhance their visual communication at scale.”

By streamlining workflows and incorporating engaging visuals into outreach, pitch decks, and enablement materials, every sales team can now make the most of the Sales Work Kit to capture attention, build trust, and accelerate deal cycles.

Alongside Sales, Work Kits(opens in a new tab or window) are also available for HR(opens in a new tab or window), Marketing(opens in a new tab or window), and Creative(opens in a new tab or window) teams to enable even more collaboration.

Ready to dive in? Explore everything the Sales Work Kit has to offer here(opens in a new tab or window).

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