Gauge chart templates

Gauge chart templates

Scale up data visualization with engaging design. Browse Canva’s linear and angular gauge chart examples from our free templates and customize your own in minutes.

Gauge chart templates
Gauge chart templates

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Gauge charts by Canva

If you’re struggling with presenting data in a visually engaging manner, gauge charts are for you. They convey vital information at a glance, transforming complex data into something easily digestible. From tracking a project’s progress to visualizing customer survey results, gauge charts on online whiteboards are versatile tools for chart enthusiasts.

Making your own infographics and charts can feel daunting, especially if you have no design experience. But that’s not going to be an issue when you use Canva. Our ready-made gauge chart templates are not only free but also easy to edit thanks to the online editor’s drag-and-drop interface and nifty tools and features.

First, pick a template that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for simple angular gauge chart examples or a layout that integrates several graphs and key information, you’ll find something in our library that matches your preferences. With Canva, you have complete control over your gauge chart's customization. Check out the media library for customizable design elements. You can grab a react gauge chart example under the Charts category and easily change where the needle hits. Add a title and label the components of your chart with the text tool, then customize the font style. You can also change backgrounds, adjust colors to match your brand, and effortlessly add or remove elements.

Your gauge chart may evolve over time. Luckily, your design stays in your projects folder, so you can revisit and edit it whenever necessary. Add it to your bigger Canva projects, such as your presentations, proposals, and infographics.

When you’re done customizing your design, you can download it in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Send it to your colleagues via email straight from our platform. Convenient, right? So, why struggle with the complexities of chart design when Canva simplifies the process? Try our gauge chart templates for free today and unlock the ease of data visualization.