Strategy map templates

Strategy map templates

Get your business game plan on the right track. Canva makes strategy mapping a walk in the park with our professionally designed templates.

Strategy map templates
Strategy map templates

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Strategy maps by Canva

A successful business journey is guided by a well-defined strategy — the guiding star that leads through both challenges and opportunities. Strategy maps, often created on online whiteboards, are your roadmap to success. They help teams understand the big picture, align goals, and focus efforts. However, crafting compelling strategy maps can be a challenge, especially if you lack a graphic design background. The intricacies of design software and data visualization can feel like uncharted territory.

This is where Canva comes in to simplify the process. With our intuitive platform and a wide range of strategy map templates, we make data visualization easy and accessible for everyone. From outlining your business strategy to defining key objectives, you’ll find a free strategy map template that meets your needs.

Here’s the fun part. Even if the template you picked is ready to go, you can still design it just the way you want. Tweak the background with a different color. Highlight essential data points, and craft compelling visual narratives with fonts that you think are easier to read. Add elements such as icons, illustrations, or vectors to make it more creative.

If you want to unleash the designer in you, starting with a blank strategy map template is your best bet. Aside from the templates being free, they’re easy to edit because you just have to drag and drop all the elements into your layout. Need an extra hand? Get the shareable link and send it to your teammates, so you can all modify the details together in real time.

Once you’re done editing, save and download your work in ready-to-print JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Sharing your custom marketing or business strategy map template is also easy. Simply send it to your colleagues via email straight from Canva. That’s right, no need to switch tabs.

Transform your project ideas into reality with Canva’s free and editable strategy map templates. Start mapping your way to success and watch your vision unfold, step by step.