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Empower your customers to design

Give your customers access to the world’s leading design platform, without leaving your store, platform, or device.
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App Partner

Canva’s app development platform enables developers to add features to Canva, integrate third-party tools, and ultimately create a more customizable Canva experience. Get your work in front of Canva’s 135 million+ users or simply supercharge your own team’s workflow by building an app today.

Print Partner

Give your customers an easy way to design with Canva then get the designs printed with you, all from within your website.

Our print partners include FedEx Office, Staples Canada, Officeworks, Snap, HelloPrint.

Print partner
Collection partner

Collection Partner

As a Canva Collection Partner, you become part of our global print network for those already using Canva. Your printing business will appear within the Canva platform to drive customers to print and/or collect at your store, plus grow revenue with exposure to Canva’s 40+ million monthly active users.

Current Partnerships

We have partnerships across a range of industries.

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