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How HubSpot supercharged design capability for its users

HubSpot’s customers create a lot of content. From email newsletters to blogs, social posts, online forms and surveys, the content requirements are seemingly bottomless.

About HubSpot

With over 100,000 customers working in six languages, HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management platform that has all the tools and integrations businesses need for marketing, sales, content management and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when they’re used together.

Canva integration built into HubSpot

The Challenge

HubSpot’s customers create a lot of content. From email newsletters to blogs, social posts, online forms and surveys, the content requirements are seemingly bottomless.

Before the HubSpot<>Canva integration, HubSpot users would have to keep going off-platform to find and create assets. This meant a lot of time toggling between sites, downloading and uploading files, trying to find copyright-free images, resizing and reformatting things and generally getting distracted between tasks.

There was also the issue of brand and campaign consistency. With multiple people logging into a company’s HubSpot dashboard to send out campaigns, there needed to be a reliable way to access and share the right assets, as well as collaborate on design.

The Solution

The perfect solution to all of these problems came in the form of a powerful integration: The Canva Button.

With just a few lines of code, HubSpot integrated the Canva Button into its platform and now designing campaign assets is smooth sailing for its community of marketers, content creators and sales teams.

Hubspot also built a publish API so that businesses on Canva could design and publish directly to their HubSpot account.

On average, there are currently over 2000 designs published per week using the Canva Button integration within HubSpot. The upshot? That’s a ton of content that didn’t have to be designed and uploaded from outside of the HubSpot site, saving time and reducing friction for HubSpot customers when they’re launching their marketing campaigns.

HubSpot VP of Product Management, Angela DeFranco, says, “The ability for our customers to open up HubSpot, design and publish their graphics to multiple locations, via the Canva Button, in just a few clicks has been a game changer for them and their businesses. With the Canva Button and HubSpot, it’s just getting easier to have enterprise level power with consumer-grade usability, and our customers are loving it.”

Many of HubSpot’s customers were already using - and loving - Canva, which is what made this partnership such a natural fit.

Canva’s simple drag-and-drop user interface gave HubSpot’s customers access to millions of free and premium creative content including stock photography, font libraries, illustrations, videos and music. Designing and publishing ads, emails, social posts, and website content directly from HubSpot became easier than ever.

Publish directly to HubSpot useing the Canva integration

Bringing the partnership to life with inspiring joint marketing

When two huge content marketing superpowers join forces, it makes sense that the resulting awareness campaign was epic.

By combining the data, know-how and audience reach of HubSpot and Canva, the teams came up with some compelling ways to educate, inform and inspire people to embrace the integration.

Because Canva and HubSpot’s audiences and values align so neatly, it made sense to develop a suite of resources together, including tools to help people learn how to use Canva in HubSpot, as well as educate them on how to maintain and develop a high performing website.

Marketers are busy people so rather than expecting them to unlock the power of the integration on their own, it made sense to guide them through the process in the most user-friendly way possible

The content included a HubSpot Academy Instagram Training Course titled Learn How to Use Instagram for Marketing, articles around design tips and tricks for using Canva in HubSpot and an e-book titled 5 Keys Steps for Building and Maintaining a High Performing Website.

Canva and HubSpot also joined forces on The Executive Marketing Leadership Survey to find out how marketers adjusted their investments in response to COVID-19, and how they were planning to succeed in 2021. Canva’s Chief Marketing Officer Zach Kitschke and HubSpot’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jon Dick, then got together to unpack the results and explain the findings in a joint webinar.

Jamal Meneide, HubSpot’s ultra-creative video producer,came up with this video titled The Growth Machine Behind Canva's $6 Billion Business (update: as at April 2021, Canva was valued at $15 billion).

Canva also recently contributed a chapter to HubSpot’s ebook titled How to Create a Great Marketing Campaign, and there’s more to come. This is a partnership that just keeps growing and getting better.


The Button integration was just the first step in HubSpot and Canva’s relationship.

Canva’s VP of Print and Partnerships, Laura Haines, explains, “As we evolve beyond our initial Canva Button integration, the shared power of our platforms is gaining a lot of interest among enterprise level organisations. We’re really excited to see this style of growth and can’t wait for more.”

What’s next for this content marketing partnership? Canva and HubSpot are completely aligned in their objectives to empower marketers with the best tools for the job so watch this space.

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