Lisa Blair: Sailor, Climate Activist, and Canva Ambassador

Circumnavigate Antarctica with Lisa Blair

Sailor and climate activist, Lisa Blair, embodies Canva's value of being a force for good. With her boat Climate Action Now, Lisa is sailing around Antarctica to inspire people to take positive environmental action.

Lisa’s story of perseverance

In 2017, Lisa Blair became the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica with one-stop. It was a trip that nearly ended badly – her sailboat Climate Action Now dismasted near Cape Town. Now, she’s heading out again to sail non-stop, solo, and unassisted around Antarctica in less than 100 days.

Little actions make big differences

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of climate change. Lisa hopes to inspire individuals to take small actions. It’s why her boat is covered in colorful notes – each note is a pledge or idea. Whether that’s biking more or using a reusable coffee cup, Lisa’s message is that we can make a difference.

Follow Lisa's Journey with data visualizations from Flourish

Keep up-to-date on Lisa's movements as she attempts to break the world record and be the fastest person ever to circumnavigate Antarctica solo. Beautiful and engaging data visualizations from Flourish will allow you to track her progress in near real-time.

Empowering Lisa to design at sea

Lisa’s favorite Canva features

Lisa will be sharing her journey with the world using Canva. As a solo sailor, she needed something quick and easy to design social posts, video messages, and blog graphics.

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Inspire students to take action on climate change

If you’re an educator, check out our Canva for Education platform for lesson plans, customizable worksheets and classroom posters on climate change.

Ready-to-use lessons plans on climate action

Need some guidance and resources on teaching about climate action in your classroom? We’ve developed 10 different lesson plans, focussing on the issue of climate change and the actions we can take to combat it.

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Discover climate action templates

Want to create your own design to show your support for climate action? We’ve developed a whole range of customizable templates to help you get your message out there.


Canva’s commitment to climate action

Canva has committed to becoming climate positive by 2023. Other than our crazy big sustainability goals, we take Lisa Blair's approach of focusing on the collective effort of all little actions seriously. From our toilet paper to employee lunch, we're always conscious of choosing the best options for our planet.