Travel Photo Collage Templates

Take your travel photos to the next level with customizable photo collage templates you can personalize, print and post online.

Travel Photo Collage Templates

Travel Photo Collages by Canva

In a world where everyone's photos have the same old filters and cliché quotes, why not make yours stand out? With Canva, you can compile your best travel snapshots in a beautifully designed photo collage that's easy to customize. Just add your own twist to one of our templates. You'll soon have memorable creations that feature the highlights of your trip, whether you went sunbathing at the beach or bungee-jumped off a building.

First, scroll through our assortment of versatile grids to find one that matches your style. Looking for something modern? Try a black-and-white collage. Did you just come back from a trek? Choose a wild and rugged look. You'll find everything you need to show off your magical summer adventures, dreamy city strolls, or stunning underwater excursions. Create a memento that will last forever, or at least until your next vacation. You can even post it online to decorate your timeline. Use them as blog graphics for travel tips, or adverts for tourism promos. Or simply go traditional and frame them on the wall.

For a more personal touch, edit the template with our user-friendly tools. Crop, resize, and recolor your snapshots to enhance every smile and scene. Tired of the usual square frame? Browse our library of grids for tiles, circles, or diamonds, then just drag and drop your images! You can even apply faded or vintage effects if you want. Input your text with a gorgeous typeface, mix and match colors, or switch the backgrounds. When you're done, just download or send your creations to friends. Share your picturesque vision of the world with Canva!