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  • Edit photos effortlessly Ready to edit your photos? Canva has all the tools you'll need to perfect your portrait, product, or selfie.

  • Create standout content Remix your image with filters, frames, and thousands of free stickers and graphics to create one impactful photo.

  • Post with confidence anytime Achieve the look you want in a touch. Edit photos you can post now or schedule for later. Canva lets you do it from any device.

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Canva lets you upload, edit, design, and share your photos seamlessly to your social channels, website, and more, so you can achieve your professional and personal goals even when you're on the go.

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1. Upload

Choose and upload your photo.

2. Crop

Crop your photo to the size you want.

3. Edit

Edit your look with filters, effects, adjustments and more.

4. Customize

Take it further with stickers, graphics, frames, and more.

5. Share

Share it instantly to your favorite platform or save it for later.

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Get professional results in minutes with Canva Pro. Unlock easy-to-use tools that work for you.

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Let your portrait, product, or selfie stand out in a touch with Background Remover.

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Create limitlessly with over 90 million premium images, stickers, and graphics.

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Design once, resize content for any platform instantly with Magic Resize.

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Plan and post scheduled content

Make and manage scheduled posts seamlessly with Content Planner.

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Need more help?

No. The Canva photo editor is free to use — and there’s no catch. Unlike other photo editors, we don’t leave a watermark on your photo after you’ve edited it.

Yes, you can use the photo editor on your desktop and the mobile app. Simply upload your photo to get started editing online. When your photo opens in the editor, select it to view all our photo editing tools. To use the photo editor:
  • From your homepage, click Create a design on your desktop. On mobile, tap the + button.
  • Select Edit photo and upload an image straight from your device.
  • You can choose to edit the photo or use it in a design.
  • Your photo will open in the editor.
  • Select your image and hit Edit image to see our variety of editing options.

No. Canva’s photo editor is completely free. You can use it as many times as you like. Some features, like our Background Remover tool, are only available on Canva Pro.

Use our design tool, Canva! It’s the easiest design tool you’ll ever use – we have thousands of photo collage templates to choose from, and you can easily add your own photos. Best of all, it’s free!

There are a couple of ways to edit photo backgrounds with Canva. You can add depth of field to your image by blurring out backgrounds and foregrounds with our Auto Focus tool. You can also use our Background Remover tool on Canva Pro to explore a new look or change your photo’s scenery.

Achieve the look you want, effortlessly

Remix photos for your feed or your business easily with Canva Photo Editor