[Archive] Contributor Agreement

This is an archive version of the Canva Contributor Agreement. It was replaced on January 30, 2017. The current and previous versions may be found here.

Please read the terms and conditions of this Contributor Agreement (“Contributor Agreement”) carefully before contributing any Stock Media. This Contributor Agreement, which may be amended from time to time, outlines the rights you are granting to Canva in any Stock Media, and what uses Canva may make of the Stock Media. You can always find the most recent version of our Contributor Agreement here: https://www.canva.com/policies/contributor-agreement/

Capitalized terms that are not defined in this Contributor Agreement have the meaning given them in our Terms of Use.

This Agreement hereby incorporates the terms of the following additional documents, including all future amendments or modifications thereto:

Here are the terms you are agreeing to when you contribute Stock Media to Canva.
There are a few other documents that may be applicable to your use of the Service. Here are the links to the other agreements that may be relevant.

1. Our Service

1.1 Our Service.

Canva operates an online design and media licensing service. Our Users pay a fee to license content from the Service. You acknowledge and agree that Users may make broad use of such downloaded content for the stated fee and are under no obligation to inform Canva or you of the uses made of any submitted content.

You may choose to contribute to the Service, stock photographs, illustrations, fonts, and other media, along with any associated text, for license to other Users in exchange for royalties (“Stock Media”). Any User who contributes Stock Media to the Service shall be referred to as a “Contributor.”

1.2 Contributor Guidelines.

You agree to follow Canva’s Contributor Guidelines. Canva may choose to impose submission limits on accounts with an acceptance rate that falls below the minimum thresholds listed on the Contributor Guidelines or reject Stock Media in its sole discretion. The excessive submission of content that does not adhere to Canva’s guidelines may result in the termination of your Canva contributor account. You agree that you will not, and will not solicit any third party on your behalf, to download content you have contributed as Stock Media.

1.3 Treatment of Stock Media and Removal.

Canva has the right to refuse to accept any Stock Media for any reason or no reason. Canva has the right to remove any Stock Media from the Service at any time for any reason (including but not limited to our belief that your submission would or does subject us to legal action or if your Stock Media violates the terms of this Agreement or our Contributor Guidelines) or no reason. You have the right to remove any of your Stock Media from our Service at any time for any reason. Canva will use reasonable efforts to cause the Stock Media, including any additional versions such as Cut Outs (as defined below), to be removed from the Service and affiliated or partner websites within sixty (60) days of your deactivation of such Stock Media. However, you agree that any licenses issued by Canva in respect of any Stock Media that is removed from the Service will remain in full force and effect under the terms of that license. In addition, you also agree that Canva will be able to keep at least a thumbnail of any Stock Media that you removed indefinitely. In the event that Stock Media is deleted between the time when a User uses it in a Canva design and when that design is Exported, you will earn royalties for the Stock Media even after it has been deleted. This is an uncommon, special circumstance. Deactivated content is not available for licensing to any User who hasn’t already included it in a design prior to the time it is removed.

Canva is all about sharing your content with other people so they can make awesome designs. The content you submit to Canva will become a part of that awesomeness.

Every work of art is a beautiful snowflake, but *we* get to say what content is appropriate for Canva. If you’d like to remove some of your content from Canva you’re free to so inform us, and we’ll try to take it off the Service .

2. Ownership, Releases and Your License Grant

2.1 Ownership.

Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to transfer any copyrights to Canva. The copyrights in and to all Stock Media remains with the owner of such copyrights. Any and all Stock Media submitted to the Service must be your own original work.

2.2 Model and Property Releases.

By submitting Stock Media to Canva, you agree to provide valid and accurate releases for all non-editorial Stock Media you upload to Canva that, in our judgment, contains an identifiable face, identifiable person, other identifiable attribute, or property. If you do not have a release for the Stock Media that contains an image(s) of an identifiable person or property, Canva may choose to reject such content. You agree that you are solely responsible for retaining all original releases and maintaining complete and accurate release records for all Stock Media. Any applicable releases are required to be electronically submitted to Canva with the Stock Media. You acknowledge and agree that the submission of falsified, inaccurate or otherwise defective releases constitutes a material breach of this Agreement and can result in the immediate termination of your account without prior notice.

2.3 License Grant.

By submitting any Stock Media to the Service, you hereby grant Canva, a worldwide, non-exclusive right and license to copy, reproduce, create derivative works, publicly display, market, sublicense and sell any Stock Media uploaded by you and accepted by Canva, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In addition, Canva shall have the right, but not the obligation, to license all Stock Media to its Users in accordance with our One-Time Use License, Multi Use License and/or Extended Licenses, or any other license offered by Canva. The specific terms that will govern specific Stock Media will be determined by the license under which a particular User downloads such Stock Media.

We claim no copyrights in the content submitted to us by others.
In order for us to accept your content it has to have appropriate releases, which you can read about in our Contributor Guidelines.
By submitting Stock Media to Canva, you give us the right to sell licenses to others so they can use it.

3. Cut Outs and Canva’s Proprietary Rights

3.1 Cut Out Photos Overview.

Additional versions of certain Stock Media that are ‘cut out’ so the background is transparent and the resulting file is in PNG format (“Cut Out(s)”) are also available on the Service. Canva will store and sell licenses for both the originally submitted Stock Media file and the Cut Out version. You will always receive appropriate royalties for license sales for all versions of your Stock Media, though Canva reserves the right to charge a premium (which is NOT included in royalty calculations) for the Canva-created Cut Out (as defined below).

3.2 Canva-created Cut Outs.

Canva may, in its sole discretion, create a Cut Out as an additional version of Stock Media (“Canva-created Cut Out”). Any Canva-created Cut Out of your Stock Media will be created at no cost to you. However, you will have no right to use, sell, distribute, modify, or create derivative works of any Canva-created Cut Outs in any way. Canva will offer Canva-created Cut Outs for license only while the underlying original Stock Media remains available for license on Canva. You understand that Canva is under no obligation to perform the cut-out process and any Canva-created Cut Out will be made at Canva’s sole discretion.

3.3 Contributor-created Cut-Outs.

You are welcome to submit your own Cut Outs, along with the original Stock Media in accordance with Canva’s Contributor Guidelines. Canva will review both the original Stock Media and the Cut-Out version. A file may be rejected, at Canva’s sole discretion, for the content of the Stock Media and/or the quality of the Cut Out. You remain the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights, including without limitation copyrights, in and to all Cut Outs you submit to the Service.

Part of what makes Canva wonderful to design with is that most items in our media library will be cut out, so that the background is transparent.
We may choose to cut out some of your images, or we may choose not to do so. If we do, you don’t get to download or use the cutout version. If you deactivate the original image, the cutout gets deactivated too.
If you cut out your own photos (which we’d love you to do!) we’ll review both the original image and the cutout independently.

3. Permitted Uses

Subject to the restrictions described under Prohibited Uses below, the following are “Permitted Uses” of Canva designs that contain Stock Media:

  1. invitations, advertising and promotional projects, including printed materials, product packaging, presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, catalogues, brochures, promotional greeting cards and promotional postcards (ie. not for resale or license) up to 2,000 prints;
  2. school or university projects;
  3. social media post or profile image;
  4. decorative background on a personal computer or mobile device;
  5. entertainment applications, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, and video, broadcast and theatrical presentations up to 2,000 prints;
  6. online or electronic publications, including web pages, blogs, ebooks and videos, limited to a maximum of 480,000 total pixels (for example: 600px x 800px) per Stock Media file where un-edited;
  7. prints, posters (i.e. a hardcopy) and other reproductions for personal or promotional purposes, but not for resale, license or other distribution;
  8. any other uses approved in writing by Canva.

In the event that you create a derivative work based on or incorporating the Stock Media, all rights in and to such Stock Media shall continue to be owned by Canva or its Contributor(s), subject to your rights to use such Stock Media pursuant to the terms and limitations set forth herein.

All other rights in the Stock Media are expressly reserved by Canva for itself and its Contributors.

These are the things this license permits you to do with Canva designs that contain Stock Media.

4. Payment Amounts and Payment Terms


Canva will pay you a royalty for each unique license purchase of your Stock Media for which Canva receives payment. The current royalty rates are set forth on the Royalty Schedule. Canva may modify the royalty rate and/or payment schedule at any time. If Canva does modify the royalty rate, royalties earned before the effective change in rates will be credited at the rate in effect at the time such royalties were earned. You may also choose to not receive payment for Stock Media if used in a personal and/or commercial work by a member by marking the appropriate box during submission, in which case that particular Stock Media will be available for free to a Canva member. Paid members may download a Stock Media subject to the limitations of their individual licensing terms.


Payment of royalties is made automatically each month when the balance is above your chosen threshold (minimum $3). Payments above $100 are sent without cost to you. Payouts under $100 incur a $2 processing fee. Contributors voluntarily closing their accounts may request payment of all outstanding royalties. Where this amount is under $100, the usual processing fee will apply. If your account is cancelled for a breach of this Agreement, any royalties and/or other compensation otherwise payable to you hereunder will be forfeited by you.


If you are credited with a license sale or license sales and Canva thereafter issues a refund to an individual or member that licensed any of your Contributor Content, Canva will have the right to deduct royalties credited to your account and/or allocated to such refunded subscriptions. Credit card chargebacks will be treated in the same manner as refunded license purchases. If Canva makes an overpayment of royalties or other compensation to you for any reason, Canva shall have the right to deduct the amount of such overpayment from your accrued royalties or to demand the immediate repayment of such overpaid royalties or other compensation.

You’ll get a royalty each time someone purchases your content. The exact amount of that royalty can change as we discover the best way to run our service.
You can also choose to make your content free in which case you won’t get any royalties.
We’ll send a monthly payment whenever your earnings get over your chosen threshold, minimum $3 (unfortunately not as novelty-sized check). You can set your threshold below $100, but those banks charge us for everything so you’ll have to pay a $2 fee. If your account is cancelled for a violation of this agreement, your royalties will be forfeited.
If someone asks for a refund or their credit card transaction gets reversed, then we may reclaim that particular royalty.