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Printable moving announcement postcards by Canva

Changing location? Even when you have a million things to do as you prepare to move houses or relocate your business operations, don’t forget to update friends, clients, and other contacts about it. Once you’ve settled in your new place, send postcards to let others know what you’ve been up to and where they can now find you.

It won’t take that much time or effort to do, thanks to Canva’s moving announcement postcard templates. Pick one to customize with our user-friendly editing tools, and even print copies through Canva Print. Soon, you’ll have a stack of postcards for business and personal contacts announcing, “We’ve moved!”

Select a free moving postcard template on Canva, and start by revising the announcement message. Replace the sample text with your own words, including an invitation to a housewarming party if you’re hosting one. Type your new address with matching directions, if necessary. Set the text in a font style you like the most from our wide selection. It’s also all right to keep the featured style or try any of Canva’s suggested typographies.

If your moving announcement postcard is for business purposes, upload your company logo. Include photos of your new store or office space, and place a map to give clients a clearer picture of where your new place is. Use the drag-and-drop method to add them onto the layout. Resize and crop them as needed. Apply filters or color-correct them to enhance their appearance.

Replace or add visual elements to liven up your postcard. Search through the media library for icons, vectors, images, and illustrations. Insert them and arrange their placement on the layout. Thinking of changing your postcard’s colors? Go to the Design tab and click Styles to discover a variety of color stories to choose from. With a click, you can have a different palette.

Before sharing your moving announcement postcard, remember to double-check the details on both sides. Once everything is good, save and download your work in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Send it instantly through email or group chat.