Travel postcard templates

Travel postcard templates

Go across borders and share your newfound experiences with travel postcards you can share with your loved ones. Design a beautiful reminder of your trips around the world with templates from Canva.

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 Travel postcard templates
 Travel postcard templates

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Printable travel postcards by Canva

Traveling is always a fun adventure, and it’s even better when you have a loved one to share the fun with. But, if you’re not fortunate to have someone by your side, you can always still share the view. You can send photos you took with your phone. Or better yet, send them a postcard that you made yourself. Deliver a travel memory in the form of a travel postcard. Personalize one with the help of Canva.

What makes a good travel postcard design? It depends on you, the traveler, and what emotion you’d like to convey to your recipient. Do you want your recipient to experience the calm that you felt at the beach? Or do you want to share the feeling of an adrenaline rush? Do you want to transport them to the fast-paced life of an ultra-modern city like Shanghai, or make them smell the cup of coffee you had at a charming cafe in France? You can even share the feeling of traveling back in time with vintage travel postcard designs. Create your own travel postcards from around the world, even from your room. You can visualize your travel postcard ideas just by browsing Canva’s gallery of travel postcard templates.

And whether you’ve found an exact match or not, it’s always better to customize your chosen travel postcard. You can do so with our beginner-friendly design platform. Use your own travel photos, include your favorite travel quotation, and switch up the colors and the fonts. Our templates are simply samples for the travel postcards that you can personalize further on our platform. We’ll inspire you with a layout, and you can take it from there.

Once your custom travel postcard is ready for takeoff, make sure to save and download your design. You can post it on your social media or send it as an e-postcard. Or order your design as high-quality prints from Canva. Because don’t we all love receiving pretty postcards in the mail?