Campaign Poster Templates

Spread awareness for any advocacy or highlight your platform with a persuasive campaign poster. Use any of our free, poster templates as a start, then customize, print and share in minutes.

Campaign Poster Templates

Printable Campaign Poster Templates by Canva

Running a campaign is no easy feat. You have to pull all the stops to convince people to believe in your platform. Most of your time and energy should be focused on fine tuning your messaging, and the last thing you want is for your campaign materials to set you back. Luckily, Canva's intuitive platform offers a vast selection of campaign poster templates for your perusal.

One of the most effective ways of getting your message across to your intended audience is through a powerful poster. Whether you're fighting for a certain advocacy or running a political campaign, a poster can help you sway people to your cause. Canva's online campaign poster maker makes designing a breeze with its drag-and-drop feature and built-in editing tools. Take your pick from the professionally-crafted designs available and customize them to fit your campaign.

To start the design process, simply choose from the ready-made campaign poster templates. They already include the design elements you need; all you have to do is tailor-fit it to the theme of your campaign. You can even download your selected template as is if you wish. But if you think it needs a bit more tweaking, you can experiment with the design using the editing tools on the platform. You have the option to add, edit, or remove design elements and edit the colors, fonts, and text.

Collaborating with a team? Canva makes it easy to work with other people on a single design. Just share your link to fellow campaign managers and you can all work on the template together. Once you're finished with your work, simply download the file and print it or share it across digital platforms. You can also use Canva Print to ensure that your design gets produced in professional quality. We’ll even deliver your poster designs straight to your doorstep!

Designing campaign posters doesn't have to be daunting. With Canva, you can easily drive your campaign to success.