Mental Health Poster Templates

Share information and promote awareness on mental health with these printable poster templates you can customize.

Mental Health Poster Templates

Printable Mental Health Poster Templates by Canva

Starting a campaign on mental health can be challenging. You need to use the right tone and share information in a helpful way. Make a difference in your community with Canva’s printable mental health poster templates that enable you to deliver your message with maximum impact. Whether you need a mental health poster for school or psychological well-being posters for the workplace, you will find a template from our library that tackles the subject with sensitivity.

Even if you’ve never designed a poster before, Canva makes it easy to create one that perfectly fits your campaign. Our template library is carefully crafted by our team of designers and writers and comes in a variety of themes and styles to choose from. To customize a poster further for your campaign, you can simply swap out any of the graphic elements in the template. Search through our media library filled with millions of images, illustrations, icons, shapes and even animated graphics. Designing beautiful World Mental Health Day posters comes easy to anyone, even without design experience because of our drag and drop editor that takes away stress and leaves only creativity.

Once you’re happy with your design, there are a number of publishing options. You can download a PDF copy for printing or send it directly to Canva Print—in a matter of days, we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep! To gain an even bigger audience, you can also share your new poster on social media.