Quote Poster Templates

Display life lessons and words of wisdom in a fun and creative way by personalizing any of these free and printable inspirational quote poster templates from Canva's collection.

Quote Poster Templates

Printable Quote Poster Templates by Canva

Never underestimate the power of words. Sometimes, all it takes is the right phrase or quote to lift someone’s spirits, boost someone’s confidence or spark a person’s creativity. Hearing or seeing even just one inspiring or encouraging quote can be enough to energize and motivate someone. That’s why we often see quote posters on display in classrooms and offices, as well as inside homes.

At Canva, we make creating inspirational quote posters fun and easy with our wide selection of professionally made quote poster templates. If you need a unique and effective motivational poster, simply pick a design from our library, personalize it with the Canva editor and download it for printing.

Our selection of posters include printable quote posters that feature popular quotes by renowned people, funny sayings, simple personal statements, thoughtful phrases, and more. Our templates feature quotes about different topics such as love, health, fitness, enlightenment, empowerment, discipline, and life in general. They also come in various styles and motifs to suit different aesthetic preferences. Whether you are looking for quote posters for a classroom setting or quote posters for the walls in your office or your home, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect quote poster that moves you.

All the inspirational or motivational quotes posters in our templates library are ready for use and can be immediately downloaded, but they can also be easily edited with our intuitive editor.

If you find a layout you like but want to change the quote, you can simply click on the text portion and write in your preferred quote. You can also get creative and tweak the design elements. Play around with colors and backgrounds. Experiment with typography. Add cool graphics and images from our media library. You can also choose to add your own photo by uploading it onto the template. When you’re done editing your poster, save your changes and then download it for sharing or printing.