School poster templates

School poster templates

Decorate halls and classrooms with these cool, printable school poster templates. Make school rules cool or promote academic events with an eye-catching design you can customize with ease.

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School poster templates
School poster templates

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Printable school posters by Canva

School halls and classrooms need to be pleasant, dynamic and as conducive to learning as possible. One way of creating such an environment is having attractive and interesting posters up on the walls.

With Canva’s selection of expertly-designed school poster templates, creating eye-catching and engaging posters is as simple as ABC. You simply need to select a ready-made design, customize it to suit your preferences, then download it for printing.

Our library of posters include school poster design templates for different purposes and they come in a variety of styles, themes and concepts.

If you need a customizable school advertisement poster template that is free to download anytime, you can find a variety of designs fitting for school-related ads and announcements for events like academic competitions, sports tournaments, tryouts, club events, school dances and parties. We also have school rules poster templates suitable for promoting institute-wide policies and guidelines, as well as classroom etiquette. If you are looking to create informative or instructive posters for the classroom, we have poster templates featuring Math and English lessons, classroom tips, cleaning schedules and more.

Once you’ve selected a design from our free school poster templates, the design will load into your dashboard and you can freely edit it with our intuitive editing platform. You can replace the text as needed and play around with the color palette to find a color combo you like. You can choose different fonts or maybe reposition some of the design elements as you see fit. You can browse our massive media library and choose icons, shapes, graphics or images that you can add to your poster. You can also add your own images by uploading them into your design.

When you’re finished editing your poster, it’s as simple as downloading a high-quality file to print or send it over to our professional printing service, Canva Print. We’ll produce your posters in vibrant color and finishes and deliver it right to your school’s doorstep.