Vintage poster templates

Vintage poster templates

Recreate the era of your dreams with a vintage poster template that will surely bring you back in time. Give your posters a throwback from our ready-made layouts for free.

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 Vintage poster templates
 Vintage poster templates

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Printable vintage posters by Canva

Vintage designs have a distinctive form of aesthetics that make them so appealing to all ages. However, achieving a specific retro look can be challenging, especially if designing is not your forte. Let’s work on evoking nostalgia with vintage poster templates from Canva that are perfect for a throwback.

Whether you are creating a vintage poster for events, birthdays, weddings, or auditions, you will find something in our library that matches your style. Our beautiful vintage poster design templates are customizable and easy to transform into one that’s genuinely yours, thanks to our drag-and-drop interface. Best of all, using Canva is free.

Getting started is simple. Browse our well-curated collection of free vintage poster templates. Pick the design that attracts you the most, then begin personalizing. Use our text tool to edit the essential details you need to put in your poster. Then, upload your own set of photos or choose from our extensive collection of stock images in the library. One of the most important ways to achieve the vintage vibe to your vintage poster template is using a muted color scheme. You can use our color palettes for your background or put a twist around it by creating your own. To make your poster look more classic, you can add some stand-out icons, illustrations, or vectors. Even if our templates are ready-made, you still have the creative freedom to design them the way you want.

Once you captured the vibe in your poster, save your design and download it. Use Canva Print for high-quality options for your poster printing in premium, sustainable paper. And your vintage posters don’t have to be stuck in an era. Publish them to the modern world of social media or email them to friends or family directly from our editor. You’ll surely get everyone grooving to the hype of the ‘70s or waltzing into the classical chicness of the roaring ‘20s.