Business presentation templates

Business presentation templates

Present company results or pitch new products and services with professional business presentation templates you can personalize from our impressive slide templates for free.

Business presentation templates
Business presentation templates

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Business presentations by Canva

Even though there is more to a successful business presentation than just a good set of slides, it helps if they are eye-catching, too. Coming up with a compelling presentation deck can be stressful if you don't know where to begin and don't have the right tools. That's where Canva comes in.

Our selection of stunning business presentation templates and our easy-to-use intuitive editor helps you create beautiful slides to present without the need for extensive graphic design skills and complicated software. Choose one from our professional business presentation templates and then customize it as needed.

Each of our business slide templates suits different objectives and industries. Find business presentation slide templates for company meetings, annual reviews, business proposals, project reports, marketing presentations, sales pitches, and more. They come with sample outlines and topics to organize the information you want to present. They also come in various modern and creative designs featuring bold colors, contemporary typography, and beautiful images. Some templates focus more on the text and have minimal imagery.

You can keep the design as-is and add your text to each page and modify some elements. If you're feeling artistic, you can personalize it to your liking. Change the colors and fonts to reflect your brand, or replace the stock photos with your own by uploading them into the template. Add charts and graphs to visualize your data beautifully. Make it an animated business presentation by applying dynamic page transitions and text motions. Finalize it with your colleagues by sharing a link to your design so you can collaborate in real-time.

Save and present it directly from our design dashboard. Use our presenter tools to pool questions from your audience with Canva Live and wow them with confetti, drum roll, and more effects using Magic Shortcuts. It doesn't stop with your report. Share it as a resource when you download it as custom business PowerPoint templates in PPT, a printable PDF file, or a talking video presentation recorded in MP4 or generated link that the audience can view anytime at their own pace. Now, it's easy to move your business to success with powerful presentations from Canva.