Company presentation templates

Company presentation templates

Present reports or pitch ideas to win your stakeholders using your best company presentation from high-quality, fully customizable slide templates from Canva.

Company presentation templates
Company presentation templates

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Company presentation by Canva

Give winning pitches and engaging presentations that capture your audience’s attention and support with these high-quality, professional company presentation templates from Canva.

Choose from hundreds of free and premium company presentation examples and put together a top-notch deck to boost your company. From simple, traditional slides suitable for any large enterprise to creative, modern decks that capture the essence of new start-ups, there’s a template for all your company presentation ideas. All templates are completely customizable on Canva’s easy-to-use editor. Each sample company presentation comes with a set of several pre-designed slides that you can tweak as much or as little as you need. Replace the fonts and colors to comply with your organization’s branding guidelines. Add visuals, including your photos, cartoons, and videos such as your logo or pictures of your products and services, by dragging and dropping these files onto the template or navigating to the content library to access thousands of high-quality, royalty-free visual elements. Keep your audience engaged with an array of sleek, attention-grabbing animations guaranteed to spruce up any presentation deck.

Take advantage of Canva’s free and intuitive online editor to standardize the process of making high-quality company presentation templates across the whole organization. Employers can save up on buying expensive design software, and employees can create top-tier decks even with no design background. Work simultaneously with your colleagues by sharing design access to view or edit.

Never have to worry about losing your work. You can save every change as you go in your account. Any device that lets you access Canva, whether it’s your tablet or a colleague’s computer, can be used to continue working on your free company profile or overview presentation templates and pitch them no matter where you are.

You can rock any company pitch, proposal, or production you need. Download it as a company PowerPoint presentation in PPT, PDF document, or a video presentation with your talking head in MP4 or viewable link. Present it straight from the editor with tools like Canva Live and Magic Shortcuts for a dynamic and interactive showcase with your audience.