Education Presentation Templates

Take class presentations from boring to brilliant and make learning interactive and fun with Canva’s free education presentation templates. Free to edit and download for use in online or offline classes.

Education Presentation Templates

Education Presentations by Canva

Teachers and other professionals in the education field are perpetually in search of newer and more effective methods of disseminating information to their students. However, as many years of research and application have proven, few things come close to a carefully crafted and intelligently designed presentation in terms of efficiency. Multiple software platforms have been introduced over the years in order to make this task a much simpler one, even for those with limited time, resources, or computer expertise. However, while the existence of these platforms has made the process of creating presentations much easier and faster, they still do not address the problem of people with limited to no design experience having to make professional-looking presentations on their own.

Canva handily takes care of that problem from the get-go by presenting multiple education presentation templates options to the user. These pre-made education presentation templates are all highly customizable, perfect for lectures and academic presentations. The user has full control of all the visual design elements found in each template. Users even have the option to animate their presentations, helping to engage students better. To start, simply select the template that best suits their needs, load it in the Canva Dashboard, pick out the tools they'll require in order to personalize their presentation, and start editing based on their design concepts and specifications.

Whether it's the process of adding graphs and charts, including pictures and links, or writing concise captions and bullet points for the topic, even a total newbie at design can use Canva to create high-quality presentations with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Collaboration is also a breeze with Canva. Invite colleagues to edit your design by sending them an edit link. Leave each other notes and comments on each slide. Or, work together in real-time through Canva’s simultaneous collaboration feature. Make edits and changes together at the same time from anywhere.

Once you’re done, you can download the final version of your education template as a PPT, JPG, or PDF file as handouts. You can also present your slides to a live audience right from Canva.