Vintage presentation templates

Vintage presentation templates

Impress your audience with a deck that travels through time. Design a vintage presentation from a free template you can customize on Canva. Download and share it within minutes.

Vintage presentation templates
Vintage presentation templates

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Vintage presentations by Canva

So much work goes into making a successful presentation. What you have to say is most important, along with how you convey that message. If your topic is geared toward historical events or retro trends, you can make the most out of your visual aids. A well-designed deck can set imaginations running.

Start with a free and customizable vintage presentation template on Canva, and make your deck feel like a time machine.

Creating presentations should be a fun experience for anyone. Our collection of vintage presentation templates offers exciting themes and styles that can suit any topic. Are you giving a history lesson to your students on the Egyptian pyramids, the French Revolution, or the Soviet War? Maybe you’d like to present archaeological findings to your peers or provide a pop culture analysis of Y2K.

Free to use and download, our vintage presentation templates are not only meant for educators and students. If you’re in the marketing or advertising field, you can use these multi-page designs as an aesthetic mood board for your campaign pitch. Take your audience back a few decades with 8-bit art, old-school Windows, or 1940s noir.

Modern and intuitive, our online dashboard comes with easy-to-use editing tools. Customizing your vintage presentation template will make PPT and Keynote applications feel like a thing of the past. Edit your content directly, and create as many slide pages as you need. Modify the template by browsing the media gallery, which hosts thousands of free stock images and illustrations. Explore different color and font combinations. Crop, resize, or remove the elements. Add animations and page transitions to make the vintage presentation template your own.

All these tweaks can be done in minutes, but take your time and unleash your creativity. Once you’re done with your presentation, simply download a PDF copy to your desktop. Better yet, present your deck directly from Canva’s dashboard to maximize the presentation tools available. Wow the audience with your stylishly vintage presentation, and start writing your history as an effective presenter.