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Magically animate your designs with just one click

Whip up a motion potion with our animation creator. With Canva Pro, you can easily add instant animation to social posts, presentations, or anywhere else you need to make a stunning visual impression. Simply click once to animate, then download as a GIF or video format.

Grab attention by adding movement

It’s all about making visuals pop, or in this case, making visuals bounce, slide, fade, block, and more. You don’t need to master animation software, simply choose from 14 premium animation styles that will add motion to different parts of your design.

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Save time, stand out, and animate with ease

Fact: 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media video presence when making a purchasing decision. You don’t need to learn animation. With one click, designs spring to life in an instant. And no need for expensive software either. Canva does it all with a choice of animation styles – make social posts or presentations pop with animated videos and gifs.

High-quality, low price

Get Premium Animation and so much more with an easy and affordable way to produce high-quality designs.

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Your superpower for design, marketing, print materials and beyond.

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Canva Pro is an amazing tool - it takes the hard yards out of content creation and sharing among a team. I use it every day!

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