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Set up your Brand Kit for a unified look across all designs.

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Moneytree K.K.
City of Los Angeles
Camp Bow Wow
Painting with a Twist

Set up your Brand Kit

Brand Kit brings all your entire brand together in one place, whether you're starting from scratch or adding your existing assets. Once set up, you can access your brand fonts, logos, colors, icons, imagery, graphics, and pre-designed Brand Templates within the Canva editor to apply the brand as you design. Brand Kit helps you establish brand consistency for all your collateral, across every touchpoint.

Add contextual Brand Guidelines

Showcasing your brand identity couldn't be simpler. Once your brand fonts, logos, colors, icons, imagery and graphics are set up in your Brand Kit, you can even add guidance on how to use each asset. Brand Guidelines can be accessed directly in the editor, so brand assets are always used in the right way in designs. How easy is that?

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Manage multiple brands

Managing more than one brand? With Brand Kit you can create and manage up to 100 separate brands, all in one place. You can effortlessly replace logos or images across existing designs in just a few clicks, to keep your branding up-to-date as it evolves. Plus, you can manage your Brand Kits in project folders and share with the right stakeholders to ensure they always have access to the right brand assets for the right project.

High-quality, low price

Get Brand Kit and so much more with an easy and affordable way to produce high-quality designs.

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Canva Pro is an amazing tool - it takes the hard yards out of content creation and sharing among a team. I use it every day!

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