Easy design gives pups a second chance at life at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital

After a tragic accident, Staffy the dog was without an owner and to be euthanased by the end of August. An image of the two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier was shared on Facebook by Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, a small practice on the outskirts of Sydney. This reached over 35,000 people. Thanks to the exposure, Staffy was adopted by a loving family in less than a week.

Martine Musumeci curates the Facebook content for Vineyard Veterinary Hospital. She also works with a Sydney dentist, the Australian Gifted Support Centreand her local church. Martine created Staffy’s ‘rehoming’ image in Canva, which she’s been using for the last year.

“I’ve done quite a few rehoming posts,” Martine says. “They usually reach about two hundred people.” Previously, Martine advertised orphaned dogs by posting their portrait alongside some basic, text information. While that approach helped Vineyard Veterinary Hospital rehome a number of dogs (including young Scooby), Staffy’s Canva-made image attracted statewide attention.

“The only difference was that [Staffy’s] post was designed in Canva,” Martine says. “The information, the dog and the photo – it’s all the same. Canva made the difference, no question in my mind about it.”

Unsurprisingly, the colorful, emotionally-charged graphic proved more attractive to Facebook users than a text-based post. Despite purchasing the entire Adobe Creative Suite, Martine rarely uses it to design social media content. She finds Adobe applications overly complex, time consuming and user ‘unfriendly’.

“That’s the thing I love about Canva, this post literally took me under 10 minutes,” says Martine. “I’m not a graphic designer or an expert – I just stay at home and throw a bit of color together.” For Martine, and any orphaned pups of the Vineyard community, Canva is making a difference.

“The only difference was that [Staffy’s] post was designed in Canva. Canva made the difference, no question in my mind about it.”

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