Create, plan and schedule social media across your favorite platforms.

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Social scheduling made simple

Content Planner helps you take control of your social channels. With Canva you can design stunning social media posts and coordinate them across your platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The right post at the right time

Schedule posts easily across your social platforms. Plan your content for those optimal times days, weeks, or months ahead. Need to pause a post? You have the control to pause and edit a post without having to re-upload the file.

Track engagement across your posts

Track impressions, clicks, likes, and comments with social media performance analytics in Content Planner. Click on any published post within your planner, tap on insights, and see how your posts performed.

All- in-one for one low price

Get the Content Planner and so much more with an easy and affordable way to produce high-quality social media designs.

Part of the Canva Pro bundle

Your superpower for design, marketing, print materials and beyond.

Premium Content

Get access to Canva's entire stock photo, element, video, and audio library.

Premium Video

Create, edit, and save premium videos for any platform.

Background Remover

Click to remove image backgrounds, perfect for product photos, headshots, or transparent PNGs.

Schedule social

Create, plan and schedule social media across your favorite platforms all from within Canva


Browse our vast selection of pre-designed templates to start designing instantly.

Transparent images

Download your designs with transparent backgrounds.

Resize designs

Use Resize & Magic Switch™ to resize any design infinitely for any platform.

Stay on Brand

Set up your Brand Kit for a unified look across all designs.

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Canva Pro is an amazing tool - it takes the hard yards out of content creation and sharing among a team. I use it every day!

Carma Levene