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Unlimited members can join and access brand templates, fonts, and logos.

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Create, collaborate and communicate with your team in real-time

Whether in the same location or spread across the globe, Canva gets all your team on the same page. It’s super easy for everyone to work on the one design and collaborate in real-time, adding comments or feedback. Plus, beautifully designed documents and visuals help everyone do their best work together.

Everything your team needs, in the one place

Want it done? Then do it together. Create everything your business needs from internal communications, such as documents and presentations, to professional-quality marketing materials, such as social media posts and reports— all in one place. On top of that, you can maintain consistency across every document or design with Brand Kit, pre-setting all your logos, fonts, and colors. Communicate easily from any place or time zone, and create your best work as a team.

Effortless collaboration, consistency, and organization

When multiple team members work on the same design, it streamlines the workflow allowing anyone to feedback, tag, share, and resolve edits anytime, anywhere, on any device. You get all the tools you need to maintain your brand, the ability to set individual access permissions. Plus, you can store your reusable assets, projects, or uploads in shareable folders. With thousands of professionally made templates, you can customize and share your designs in a few clicks.

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