The social media tool that gets you seen

Design now, post later.

Social media scheduling that gets results

Posts with images get double the engagement. That means more click throughs, more likes, more shares and comments. With Canva Schedule, anyone can craft stunning images—in minutes!—and share them with the world. So you can boost your following and streamline your workflow with one handy tool.


A round-the-clock social media presence, without the hassle

Schedule your posts hours, days or weeks in advance—Canva Schedule will automatically post them according to the plan you’ve set. You get to stay in control of a growing social media presence while freeing up time to concentrate on growing your business.


See all of your scheduled posts at a glance

Create and manage your entire social media strategy with our simple, elegant calendar view. Manage every platform in one convenient place: post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


Streamline your social media workflow


Create your own post, set a time, then put your feet up while the post goes live automatically.


Set, queue, forget! Choose regular posting times and never leave your audience waiting.

Post Now

Got an idea that can’t wait? Post to any of your accounts from Canva Schedule.

Get the most out of your best content

All of your posts are saved in History, so you can quickly reschedule your most engaging content in seconds.


Seize inspiration when it strikes

Got a great idea for a post, but it’s not quite ready to be shared with the world? Save your inspiration for later in your Drafts folder.

  • Canva Pro has been a game changer for me and my team. We are creating more visual content, more efficiently with a rockin' workflow! From image resizing to asset folders and team design templates, it is everything I have been waiting for, and takes Canva beyond awesome.
  • Canva Pro is genius! We regularly use it across Australia and New Zealand to come up with creative on the fly that looks professional and on-brand. It’s simple and easy to use, which is perfect for non-designers like me!
    Marketing Manager
  • Canva Pro has been incredibly useful for Upworthy's editorial team. The template feature allows anyone on our team to easily create graphics that are aligned with our visual brand — no extensive design training required. It's saved us loads of time, and our graphics look great!
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