Funeral program templates

Set the tone and keep a memorial service going smoothly with the help of these free, printable funeral program templates you can easily personalize as a tribute to your late loved one.

Funeral program templates

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Printable funeral programs by Canva

Planning a funeral is always an emotional affair. As much as possible, you don't want to focus on tasks that will take your time away from honoring your loved one who's just passed. If you were assigned to create a program, Canva's intuitive platform could help you easily put together a funeral program without having to design from scratch. A funeral program allows you to give tribute to the deceased, as well as give guidance to guests about the memorial service about to happen.

There's no need to have some prior design or editing experience when creating a funeral program with Canva. You can simply browse through our massive selection of templates, choose one that fits the theme of your event, and customize it to your liking with the intuitive drag-and-drop platform. Everything is specially designed by professional designers, and best of all, you can download the funeral program templates for free.

Our library of downloadable funeral program templates features a variety of themes and designs that are suitable for the type of memorial service you are planning. Some templates are monochromatic and contemporary, while there are designs that are more colorful and light-hearted. There are also templates that feature various design elements, allowing you to create a funeral program that reflects the life of the person you're memorializing.

You can edit your chosen template for the memorial service and add custom touches using Canva's user-friendly tools. The drag-and-drop tool makes adding and moving around design assets easy, while the toolbar makes customization a breeze. If you want to collaborate with someone, you may do so just by sharing your design link. Once you're done, simply download and print or share it as a digital file.

Canva Print makes producing your designs simple and stress-free too. Simply hit the print button, choose paper and finish options, and we’ll produce your designs, ensuring professional print quality. Afterwards, we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep. Handling loss is never easy, but we hope that with the help of our templates, we can take some of the burden away.