Report card templates

Report card templates

No rule says report cards should be dull, so making grade presentations cool with a free report card template from our collection might inspire your students to do more in class.

Report card templates
Report card templates

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Printable report cards by Canva

Report cards don’t need to look uninteresting. They should be the exact opposite. Customizing how you present grades to your students using our collection of report card templates should make it awesome. Who knows, they might get the inspiration to do better in their classes, so their grades match up with their good-looking report cards?

Canva’s design library of free school report card templates can help you revolutionize the way you create your grade cards. They are curated for educators in school or for parents homeschooling their children. After all, every student deserves the thrilling experience of receiving their grades. These layouts are all customizable, so you can tweak them any way you want should you need it for a custom high school report card template or printable homeschool report card.

Highlight the name of your academic institution on these free report card templates by adding your school’s logo and branding. Change the necessary student details and the subjects your students are taking for a specific semester with our text editor and extensive font collection. You can even alter the color scheme of the design so that it best reflects the style of your school.

If you need grading inputs from several subject teachers of each student, make it happen simultaneously. Collaborating is easier on our platform. Simply send a link of your working design to your co-teachers and give them access to add their remarks on a specific student’s progress report.

These are printable report card templates too. But if you wish to go digital, you may do so as well by sharing these cards via e-mail to your students and their parents. Save and download the design if you wish to do it traditionally and have it printed. Our Canva Print option is available if you want to go above and beyond in having your grade cards in high-quality paper finishes. We’ll make sure your report card designs get a perfect score.