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      “There’s so much rapid scaling happening, the only way for a design team to keep up is to create infrastructure around design. Canva has been the perfect solution for that without having to build something custom on our own.”

      Jenn Proud

      Head of HubSpot’s Global Marketing Design

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      Gracie Barra
      “What Canva is going to do for us as we grow is just going to take the brand to a whole new level.”

      Flavio Almeida

      Executive Director at Gracie Barra

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      “Canva is easy and fast, super helpful, and it’s become really easy to maintain brand consistency”

      Maia Maranghello

      Marriott CALA Social Media Manager

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      Realty Austin
      "Canva for Enterprise has allowed our agents to customize their designs while also being able to protect our brand."

      Emily Williams

      Print Marketing Manager, Realty Austin

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      "The ease of use of Canva has meant that even those people in our team with no design experience can create stunning creative assets that have helped maximize engagement across our platforms.”

      Kylie Merritt

      Founder & MD, Ausbiz

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