Canva CIO Report: Balancing innovation and efficiency in the era of app sprawl

With more apps entering the workplace, discover how CIOs around the world are prioritizing consolidation and reducing complexity. By embracing AI-powered platforms, CIOs aim to save time and scale technology across departments and teams.

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      Consolidate to innovate

      The enterprise app boom has left workplaces swamped by digital tools while IT teams are at capacity and resources are running thin.

      While the latest AI wave could contribute to the problem, it also presents an opportunity for CIOs to tackle app sprawl, plus find ways to save time and IT resources.

      We commissioned a survey of +1,360 CIOs on how they’re managing app sprawl and accounting for more workplace tools in the AI era.

      Read our report to hear how industry-leading CIOs are simplifying tech stacks through consolidation, driving innovation with AI to help their teams do more with less, and reducing complexity in the workplace to increase productivity.