Professional resume templates

Professional resume templates

Impress potential employers by putting together your skills set and work history in an impactful summary designed with free, professional resume templates from Canva.

Professional resume templates
Professional resume templates

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It’s a crowded job market out there. Even those with a remarkable work history still need to stand out from the sea of other job-seekers to get the attention of recruiters and human resources personnel.

Fresh graduates in need of more work experience can also benefit from presenting a professional resume layout to convince a company to take a chance and invest in them as an employee.

Remember the importance of leaving a solid first impression. Make your resume more impactful with professional resume design ideas available on Canva. Elegantly designed to catch the attention of headhunters, they suit various industries and allow you to exercise your creativity in presenting your work history. Simply pick what you find to be the best professional resume template for you and get started on customizing its content.

Thanks to Canva’s professional resume examples and user-friendly editing tools, this is an easy process. Dedicated text boxes indicate where you need to put your work history details, with proper headings for each section of your resume. You’re free to retain the suggested font styles, colors, and sizes provided in the template, and you can also explore other options to find out the best typography that works for you.

Depending on your chosen professional resume format, you can even add your headshot. In case the design of your preferred template doesn’t come with space for a picture, you can make adjustments in the text placement then upload your profile picture on the editor. Drag and drop the image onto the layout and create further adjustments until you’re satisfied with the result. Make subtle tweaks to enhance your photo by exploring the filters you can use and framing it using the geometric shapes and lines available in the Canva media library.

Download your professional resume template after customizing it. Save it in a high-resolution PDF format that you can easily upload on job search sites or attach to your job application email. You can also use it to print copies to bring with you on your job hunt.