Google+ sizes

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Profile Photo250 x 250 px
Cover Image1080 x 608 px
Shared Images497 x 373 px
Shared Video496 x 279 px

While Google Plus is nowhere near Facebook’s active followers, it’s still a social platform that has its benefits, especially for businesses. Great for photo sharing, Google Plus Local helps to highlight businesses and their locations more effectively, and Google Plus pages are considered as regular websites on Google search which is great for a business’ search engine ranking. And, since your Google Plus pages can come up in Google’s search results, it’s good to have all your content, especially your profile images, headers and posts, perfectly sized for the platform.

Profile picture

Make sure those you add to your circle can easily recognize or relate your Google Plus page to you by adding a profile picture. Google does allow you to choose any image (as long as it’s within Google’s terms and policies) to use as your profile photo. But it would be best to use your own photo or, most especially for businesses, use your own logo. You’ll need to upload a square profile picture with a recommended size of 250 x 250 pixels but take note that Google uses a circular shape with a 120 pixel diameter to crop your image.

Cover photo

Your Google Plus cover photo is the large photo banner on top of your page, making it a really great real estate for more marketing or more ways to capture your circle’s interest. It’s recommended to use a custom photo that’s 1080 pixels wide by 608 pixels tall. The largest image size you can upload is 2120 x 1192 pixels and the smallest is 480 x 270 pixels.

Shared images

Google Plus is great for sharing content such as images since it’s primarily an interest-based platform. This means you get to choose the specific Google Plus circles that are most relevant or interested in what you have to share. The best size for an image post is 497 pixels wide by 373 pixels tall.

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