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Empower everyone on your team to design

Inspire your team to stay ahead in a competitive landscape and win new clients with Canva — an easy and powerful visual communication platform. Everyone on your team can create designs, collaborate on projects, organize assets, and communicate with clients in one central place. You can even empower your clients to design, allowing you to ditch the busy work and focus on the big ideas.

Produce visual content at scale

With Canva, teams can mastermind campaign plans and pitch decks, develop storyboards, and set up research material in a few clicks. Remove design bottlenecks and self-produce, publish, and deliver multichannel collateral, at scale, quickly.

Accelerate timelines from beginning to end

Improve team efficiency and speed up the client-agency process with Canva’s built-in tools and shareable folders. It’s everything you need to design and manage multiple brands, projects, marketing and sales collateral, and more. You can even empower your clients to draft, save, and schedule social media activities with our Content Planner.

  • Team Folders: Save, tag, share & store assets safely
  • Team Dashboard: Assign roles and manage teams in one place
  • Live Comments: Stay in sync on any device

Centralize brand management

Managing multiple clients is easy with Canva’s Brand Kit. Simply start a Brand Kit for each client within the editor, upload their brand fonts, colors, logo, and other assets and drag them into any design in seconds. Designed templates can also be accessed and customized by anyone with permission.

  • Brand Kit: Upload and access your logo, brand colors, and fonts
  • Templates: Design, save, and customize pre-designed templates

Ensure brand consistency with a few clicks

With built-in Brand Control, your creative teams can protect the brands they have worked hard to build. Lock and unlock different elements in templates, and create approval workflows that allow you to review work and leave comments seamlessly.

  • Brand Control: Limit access to images, templates, fonts, and colors 
  • Locked elements: Ensure your branding is protected
  • Approval workflow: Review and approve designs instantly
  • Notification center: Centralize client communication
  • Built-in comments: Collaborate and communicate directly within designs

Encourage collaboration from any location

Canva is designed to help teams create their best work, together. Whether you’re a team of two or 2,000, easily find and invite teammates, choose their access permissions, and start creating in seconds, from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Real-time collaboration: Work together in real-time from anywhere
  • Easy design platform: Create designs in seconds on any device
  • Access on any device: Create on desktop, mobile, and the Canva app

Integrate with existing tools and workflows

Place Canva at the center of your agency’s toolkit for easy accessibility. Whether it is finding assets from cloud-storage, publishing to your social media account, or sharing a design via a chat app, Canva supports all existing and new workflows.

  • Social Media: Create and publish on social media directly
  • Schedule: Create and schedule content to your accounts directly
  • PDF Uploader: Easily transform PDFs into design files you can edit and share

Design once. Publish everywhere.

Speed up your design and marketing workflow with our magical resizing tool and effortlessly repurpose the size of designs in a few clicks. Transform Instagram Stories into Facebook posts, and turn flyers into posters in moments and save your team countless hours resizing graphics.

  • Magic Resize: One-click resizing from one document type to another
  • Canva Print: We’ll sustainably print and deliver to your door

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canva is the perfect solution for all types of businesses and teams. Whether your operations run from a central office, or from a distributed team, Canva allows agency teams to work collaboratively in real-time, create and plan campaigns in moments, manage brand assets with ease, and deliver work to your clients, faster than ever before.

Canva is a platform that benefits the entire agency and clients. Brainstorm and share new ideas. Give comments, receive feedback. Inspire and be inspired. Canva gets your team and clients on the same page, doing their best work together.

Canva’s platform has a wide range of tools that empower teams to move and deliver work faster — without sacrificing quality. This includes customizable templates, shareable folders, built-in approval workflows, and real-time collaboration. Canva understands what agencies need to impress clients and deliver quality work, quickly and have incorporated this into our platform.