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Canva for Creative Teams

Free up time so you can focus on being truly creative. Empower your entire team to be brand-builders and customize content, while you stay in control.
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Powering teams of all sizes

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An organized hub to scale your brand

Spend less time policing the brand with tools to centralize and showcase brand assets, bring guidance to your teams’ fingertips, and customize controls to suit your needs.

Brand Kit

Show your brand’s logos, colors, fonts, icons, imagery, graphics and internal guidelines in one place for your team to access and use.

Brand Guidelines

Give your team context on how to use the brand, while they create – from the Brand Kit or in the design editor.

Replace logos or images instantly

Say goodbye to manual adjustments or outdated logos. Refresh logos and images across existing designs in just a few clicks.

Brand Controls

Use customizable Brand Controls to limit fonts, colors, and more. Select who can publish or approve designs.

Explore Creative Templates

Choose from our free and premium templates, start editing and then apply your branding in a few clicks.

Speed up brand content production

Are minor design changes taking up too much time? Free up your creative team for high-impact projects. Empower everyone to edit content in Canva with built-in guardrails and templates so they can’t go off-brand.

Brand Templates

Design shared templates and lock elements like logos and backgrounds, so teams can easily create compelling, on-brand content.

Drag-and-drop editor

Teams can easily create professional content while staying on-brand, with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Quick Create

Add branding, images, and copy, and Canva will instantly create social media assets for different platforms and channels.

Magic Switch

Save time recreating posts for new channels. Instantly resize for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Photo-editor (2)

Make stellar content for every channel

Developing content for *every* media channel got the team bogged down? It’s tons of work, and expectations for brands have never been higher. Canva is your creative partner in designing engaging brand content for social media and more.

Photo Editor

Add effects, remove backgrounds, add filters, touch up imperfections and share - all from one place.

Social Media

Design scroll-stopping posts with 100M+ images, graphics, videos and audio tracks in Canva's content library.

Data Visualization

Bring your data to life with beautiful charts, or animated and interactive data visualizations powered by Flourish.


Save time and costs whether you’re creating a short-form social media video, a case study, or an animated ad.

Docs (3)

Get campaigns approved faster

Is chasing down approvals slowing down the creative process? Gather up all your stakeholders in one place to collaborate on projects and get everyone on board from the start.

Canva Docs

Build comprehensive, multimedia briefs with docs. Easily add images and videos, or embed Canva designs.


Captivate your audience with cinematic presentations and access 100M+ images, videos, graphics, audio and video tracks.


Collaborate in real-time with an infinite canvas. Review project plans or campaign creative, all in one place.

Brand Folders

Set up folders to group branding, templates and controls and easily collaborate on creative projects.


Do more as a creative team

When it’s easy to work with your brand tools and resources, your creative team can take more ideas and turn them into campaigns that generate business.

Design Import

Craft anywhere, scale with Canva. Easily convert Photoshop, Illustrator, PPTs, and PDFs into editable Canva designs.

Keep brand top of mind

Keep brand assets handy in the editor, showcase Brand Templates, and manage access with assigned roles and permissions.

Organize and share

Manage assets in project folders and share live links, or choose from endless download formats, landing pages or printed materials.


Connect your everyday tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Bynder, Widen, and more.

The Daily Aus

“The best part is that we can go in and edit each other's work. We can be working in separate places and separate times, and we can collaborate on one piece of work.”

Zara Seidler

Co-Founder, The Daily Aus

Plans & pricing

Work with your team in Canva. See if our free or Teams plan is right for you.


Partner integrations

Integrate with your favorite tools to streamline creative team workflows.

Resources for Creative Teams

Find inspiration to build a brand you love and explore new strategies for your creative team focused on growth.

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