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Gain more clients or promote your gym with Canva’s easy-to-use design platform and achieve your health and fitness marketing goals.
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The powerful design tool helping gyms and fitness instructors grow their business

Running your own health and fitness company is a workout in itself. You need to find new clients, manage your team, and make sure the business runs smoothly. As a fitness professional, connecting with clients is critical, whether it’s in person, on social media, via email, and on your website.

Canva can help your team save hours every week on everything to do with fitness marketing: designing social media posts, class flyers, business cards, class schedule pages, your website, and more.

It’s a powerful, all-in-one visual content tool that helps you create professional marketing materials in a fraction of the time. That way, you and your team can focus on keeping your clients in great shape.

Create trainer business cards, websites, and class flyers in minutes

The networking never ends in the fitness world. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a few business cards on you and the more memorable they are, the better.

Canva has thousands of fitness templates that you can customize with your gym’s branding. You can also choose from a wide range of premium fitness stock photos. Plus, you can send them off to be printed with Canva Print, or share your website with potential clients using QR codes or email.

You can also design and print fitness class flyers to post at your gym and around your community to drum up more interest and provide all the information potential clients require.

Design and print from anywhere

  • Canva Print: Send your designs to be printed and delivered in just one click.
  • Premium content: Access premium stock photos, videos and more
  • Canva app: Work from any device and any location. Live changes will be reflected immediately for everyone working on any file.
Various elements that show texts, icons, and images in relation to working out.
Example of sharing a photo that says "Can you keep up?" on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Promote your gym on social media

Social media is a critical part of any fitness marketing strategy. Posting regularly on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms like TikTok and Twitter help remind your community that a class is coming up, that you’ve got a deal on new memberships, or you’re raffling off a free session with a trainer.

With Canva’s one click image resizer, you can create a design once and resize it for every social media platform, keeping up with your audience wherever they engage online - making social media marketing that much easier

Canva Teams also has social scheduling capabilities, so you can design, schedule, and publish your posts all within Canva.

Reach new health and fitness clients easily

Build your fitness brand

Why not make your gym stand out on social media and IRL with a lively color scheme? Or something more muted and modern for a zen yoga space? Whatever you choose, creating a strong brand helps potential clients remember you.

If you’re starting from scratch or rebranding, Canva can help. It’s the perfect platform to play around and test various color combinations, fonts, and logo styles, plus you can make use of the one million+ free and premium assets to use in your brand.

Explore free and premium gym logos that you can make your own.

Build your brand

  • Brand Templates: Work off of thousands of existing templates, customizing them with your brand identity, and saving them as team templates with locked elements.
  • Brand Kit: Upload and access your logo, brand colors, and fonts to ensure designs are always on brand.
  • Organized Team Folders: Save, repurpose, share, and store assets safely.
An image of several people editing and collaborating on a deck entitled "Effects of meditation to your mental health."
An image of an interface with the brand colors and brand fonts pane on the left

Brand kits for every type of class you offer

Your weightlifting graphics will look different than your yoga class announcements, and your dance classes will also merit their own style. Creating a visual story for each type of class helps promote them, and with Canva for Teams, everyone on the fitness team can jump in to update and design creative assets at any time.

Canva for Teams lets you build up to 100 brand kits, so you and your team can easily create social posts and flyers in the right color scheme and with the right fonts, in minutes instead of hours.

Build your brand and keep it consistent

  • Brand Kit: Maintain brand consistency with every design
  • Design approval: Review and approve designs instantly with Design Approval.

Edit videos and photos in Canva

Videos are critical to fitness studios and instructors. With Canva, your whole team can easily edit videos with clip timers, a massive library of free background music, and your own personal branded touch.

You can edit and publish how-to videos, online classes, instructional exercises, or promotional content using templates designed for health and fitness professionals. Film directly on your phone or camera, edit in Canva, and send it out to the world.

Add text, effects, and edit photos right in Canva – try this gym template and add your own photo.

Trim, edit, brand, and publish fitness videos

An image of a video being edited on Canva.


The health and fitness community is active online – the best place to start building your fitness brand is by planning out a digital marketing strategy. Use Canva to create and repurpose content for social media, emails, your website, flyers, apparel, and more to raise brand awareness and establish a community.

Create content that’s educational, informative, relatable, and save-able. Use health and fitness social media templates like a fitness schedule, a promotional Instagram post for training sessions, or a motivational wellness post with a fun aesthetic.

Use Canva to design customized social media images, emails, postcards, or branded items to help maintain loyalty with your existing fitness customers. Canva Print makes it easy to add your logo or tagline to high-quality shirts, totes, and more. And, we print our items sustainably.

Canva images can be used for free and commercial use, but there are content licensing guidelines and a commercial use agreement to abide by. Learn how to stay within the Permitted Uses, or stick with free content to start with. Health and fitness stock images and videos can be used in social media posts like Instagram Reels and TikToks, and in promotional materials, or on in-person screens.

Canva has over 25,000 health and fitness related templates, including social media posts, posters and presentations.

There’s a lot you can do to reach new clients, but it’s also important to keep your current clients engaged.

To reach new gym clients, post regularly on social media and experiment with boosting social posts, displayed to your target audience as sponsored posts. Show up at local events and consider sponsoring them. Collaborate with other gym owners or fitness teachers that offer slightly different offerings than you do. Create special offers and promotions — like one-month or your second class free — to entice new customers, then post about these promotions on social media.

To engage your current clients and ensure they keep coming back, offer events, special-guest classes, limited-time discounts, upgrades, and loyalty incentives. You can also inform them about upgraded equipment or new, exciting classes when possible.

And be sure to share about every promotion and every upgrade all over social media and on the walls of your gym with Canva’s templates for health and fitness.

Canva for Teams is the best plan for growing your gym, fitness classes, or personal training business. This package includes 100+million premium stock photos, 610,000 premium and free templates, 1TB of cloud storage, and up to 100 different brand kits for different types of fitness classes, different teachers, or various gym sub-brands.

Canva for Teams has social media scheduling capabilities, and lets you save your designs as templates for your team to use.

Explore all of the features that each Canva plan has for gyms and health centers on our pricing page.

Just pick a plan and sign up with your email and payment method. Then, invite your gym marketing team, managers, and trainers to Canva via email, and they’ll be able to start designing right away.

Canva is dedicated to protecting your brand assets and helping you to keep your files safe. Your data and confidential materials are secure with Canva’s privacy and security compliance features.

Canva’s Help Center is a great resource to explain each feature of the platform and answer simple questions about your gym graphics and designs. The Canva support team is available to help with any technical issues or complex questions, and for larger teams with over 50 members, you’ll get access to 24/7 support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Grow your fitness brand with Canva

Get your clients excited for their next class, and connect with new clients using Canva’s easy-to-use design platform.