Canva for marketing teams

The go-to design tool helping marketing teams create powerful content and grow their brands.
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Create marketing content for any platform

Canva helps your marketing team create together in any format, on any device, from anywhere.

With Canva, you can create and manage marketing content for all your campaign, email, social media, and internal comms needs. When teams can easily access branded content, customize, resize, and share in minutes, they move faster, increasing the output of marketing campaigns and brand-building efforts.

Easily create professional marketing materials

Stay on brand with every design

Today’s marketing teams need to keep pace with ever-changing channel trends while maintaining a consistent brand identity. Manage your logo, brand colors, and fonts within Canva and easily drag them into any design. Create a branded template once, customize in a few clicks, and save time with integrations that help you create, edit, review, and share from one place.

Unlock creative efficiency for your marketing team

  • Brand management: Brand Kits help you build, sort, and tag your brand’s assets to create consistency across teams.
  • Animation and video tools: Engage audiences in new ways with instant animation and video tools that are simple to use.
  • Approval workflows: Review and approve creative projects instantly.

Speed up creative work and collaborate from anywhere

Keeping up with campaign planning, social media management, sales enablement, video marketing, and more can be time consuming and complicated without a centralized tool that keeps your creative workflows moving. When you add brand team approvals, style guidelines, and the latest design trends to the mix, it can lead to creative team overload. Canva accelerates your design workflows from beginning to end by empowering everyone to create.

Streamline your content creation process

  • Folders: Plan content as a team, manage files, and scale your creative workflows.
  • Team dashboards: Assign roles and manage teams, brands, and campaigns with ease.
  • Real-time collaboration: Work together and collaborate more effectively as a team.

Launch campaigns faster and improve every time

When marketing teams can create, launch, and test assets faster, they gain valuable insights into what resonates with audiences. With Canva, marketers can effectively engage their audiences, consistently improve the performance of every campaign, and encourage greater brand reach.

Make content that helps you stand out


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Canva for Teams is the best choice for marketing teams. Canva for Teams gives you access to premium features like Brand Kit to ensure brand identity and consistency, premium templates and stock photos, Magic Resize and Background Remover, and Content Planner for social media scheduling. Explore all of the features of every Canva plan on our pricing page.

Getting your marketing team to adopt Canva is simple. Canva is designed to be used by both non-designers and designers alike, no experience necessary. Marketing teams can easily set up their team folders, onboard new team members, create approval workflows, and share design files all in one place.

Canva can help improve efficiency for any marketing, brand, or social media team that creates and manages brand assets. Canva is a great fit for any team looking to streamline creative workflows and enable brand growth through engaging marketing content that resonates with audiences. See how global companies like HubSpot have used Canva to build and scale their brand.

Canva is dedicated to protecting your brand assets and helping you to keep your files safe. Your data and confidential materials are secure with Canva’s privacy and security compliance features.

Canva offers support in a number of ways — the Help Center can answer quick questions and explain Canva features with step-by-step instructions, and our support team is available to help with any technical issues or questions you may have. For customers using Canva for Teams, you’ll get access to 24/7 support.


Canva, the design tool for marketing teams

Bring content to life, collaborate creatively, and streamline the design and publishing process.