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Empower every team to design and deliver

The demands on media and publishing teams have never been greater, and they’re changing every day. You need to do more with less, and faster. Canva is the design tool built for marketing, production, and social media teams — no design or editing experience needed. With a simple editor, every department is empowered to create on-brand graphic design, videos, marketing materials, and more — anywhere, on any device.

  • Easy editor: Create video and social media designs on any device

Stay organized. Deliver faster.

Teams can easily store and access all assets, projects, and uploads in shareable folders that are available in one centralized location on any device — so you never have to waste hours recreating or finding assets again.

  • Folders: Save, repurpose, share & store assets safely

Ensure brand consistency across all teams

Equip your entire organization to create on-brand communications in minutes. Maintain consistency across all assets with built-in Brand Control and Brand Kit features, plus you have the ability to lock elements in templates. Your teams can also access your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos on any device and apply them to designs in seconds.

  • Brand Control: Limit access to images, templates, fonts, and colors
  • Brand Kit: Store and access your logo, brand colors, and fonts
  • Locked elements: Ensure your branding is protected

Scale your content production

Canva is built for easy collaboration and significantly shortcuts your design and marketing timelines. With built-in approval workflows and commenting functions, small and large teams can easily communicate and collaborate in real-time and accelerate production bottlenecks.

  • Approval workflow: Review and approve designs instantly
  • Notification center: Centralize communication within the editor
  • Real-time collaboration: Work together in real-time from anywhere
  • Built-in comments: Collaborate and communicate within designs

Design once. Publish on any platform.

Create design templates that can be repurposed and localized with a few simple clicks. With our easy resizing options, an Instagram post magically becomes a Facebook banner, or a Twitter graphic can instantly resize into a newsletter image  — saving your teams countless hours resizing.

  • Magic Resize: One-click resizing from one document type to another
  • Saved templates: Create templates that can be localized in seconds

Integrate with your favorite tools

Place Canva alongside your existing suite of tools. Built to help you move faster from end-to-end content production and marketing, whether it is finding assets from cloud-storage, publishing to your social media account, or sharing your design, Canva supports your existing workflows.

  • Social Media: Create and publish to your social media accounts directly
  • Schedule: Create and schedule content to your accounts directly from Canva
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Canva is the perfect solution for all types of media and publishing businesses both big and small. Whether you run operations from one location, or have a distributed, global workforce, Canva will help your creative, marketing, HR, and operations departments move faster and grow at scale.

Canva for Enterprise is ideal for growing teams who need all the productivity and smart design features of Canva Pro with advanced controls to collaborate and publish on-brand designs at scale. For a specific breakdown of each plan, visit our pricing page or request a demo today.