Visual marketing examples for media and publishing teams in Canva

Canva for media and publishing teams

The content collaboration tool for media teams to create and share engaging stories using animation, video, and compelling visuals.

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Example of content creation for media and publishing teams in Canva’s app

Why media teams turn to Canva

Building a media brand requires custom content across diverse channels — social media, email newsletters, print editorial, digital stories, videos, and ads. Canva’s all-in-one design solution helps media teams speed up publishing timelines, create engaging content, and bring in new audiences, in just a few clicks.

Branded templates

Customize, resize, and save templates for different social media channels.

Stock Photos

Access 100 million+ premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics.

Resize & Magic Switch

Save time by resizing designs with a single click.

Social Scheduling

Schedule social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, directly from Canva.

Brand kit example from Canva for media and publishing teams

Build audience trust with brand control

To build brand trust with an audience, media teams must create instantly recognizable content and use a consistent brand identity. Using Canva’s branding tools like Brand Kits, locked elements, and approval processes, media companies can make sure their stories stay engaging in an increasingly visual world.

Brand Kit

Built-in brand controls help your team access your brand’s colors, fonts and images.

Social media templates

Search by theme or style, or for specific keywords from 6000+ pre-designed social media graphics.


Organize content by folders and invite the team to collaborate, edit, and review.

Approval Workflows

With collaboration tools, designs can go from “in review” to “ready to publish” in no time.


Visual storytelling in your own hands

When you have a great idea for a story, it's frustrating to run into roadblocks like a design team that’s swamped with a backlog of projects. With Canva, you can take your media story into your own hands because everyone is a creator, despite budget, timelines, or expertise.

Drag-and-drop design tools

Canva’s designer-made templates, elements, frames, and premium content library are easy to use.

Premium Video

Tell stories with engaging videos


Elevate existing designs with animated content and stand out from the crowd.

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