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With Canva, journalists and newsroom teams can create powerful visual content to tell great stories and engage readers.
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Why newsroom teams use Canva

Modern newsrooms need to tell compelling stories at speed, but creating on-brand content quickly can be more time-consuming than the news cycle allows for. Canva empowers newsrooms to create the visual assets they need, no design experience required.

3,000+ newsroom templates and easy-to-use content tools

  • Template library: Choose from thousands of free and premium templates.
  • Brand Kit: Upload and access your logo, brand colors, and fonts easily.
  • Team Folders: Save, repurpose, share, and store assets safely among your newsroom team and media partners.

Data visualization in a fraction of the time

In a visual world, readers want the numbers fast. Graphs, maps, and tables help your audience get the information they need in seconds. Creating on-brand graphics at speed shouldn’t feel like hard work, which is why an integrated data visualization solution like Canva can help.

Data visualization for newsrooms

  • Graph maker: Simply paste your data straight into the editor or link a Google Sheet, then choose from one of many visualization options.
  • Real-time design collaboration: Co-create, edit, and see changes instantly across the newsroom team.

Engage your audience with powerful photo and video content

Newsroom teams need to catch the attention of their audiences in a microsecond. With Canva’s social media newsroom templates, you can capture your audience’s attention instantly by adding your own branding, like watermarks and custom news banners, to images and video content. You can also easily resize and download assets in the correct dimensions with a single click for use on every platform.

Smart social media templates for every type of news story

Infographics make stories more engaging

Newsrooms have found success using data visualizations and infographics to convey important information in a digestible way. Your audience can quickly scan information and be enticed to swipe up or click on a link to further engage with your content.

A breaking news photo editor for creating stories

  • Infographic templates: Choose from thousands of infographic templates and customize to fit your brand.
  • Library of assets: Access 100 million+ photos, audio, videos, and graphics to complement your graphs.
  • Graph maker: Enter your data and switch between different chart types without losing your work.

Presentations and pitches look better than ever

Whether it’s a budget presentation, a quarterly results share-out, or a major pitch for a special issue or feature story, newsroom teams need to be able to put together engaging, visually memorable presentations for internal use.

With Canva, you can choose from existing presentation templates, adjust to fit your brand identity, and then use them as jumping-off points for every presentation going forward.

Internal communication with Canva

Easy audio and video editing

When breaking news hits, there’s not always time to cut and edit audio or video content using complicated software.

With Canva, you can edit your media file fast, add watermarks or branding elements you’ve set up as part of your Brand Kit, and be ready to hit publish within minutes. Breaking news photos and videos can be edited in moments, ready to be shared with the world across any platform.

Video and audio editing for newsrooms


Case studies and more


Newsroom teams make good use of Canva for Teams, which includes 100+ million premium images, video, and audio, 610,000+premium and free templates, 1TB of cloud storage, and up to 100 different Brand Kits. It also allows you to save your designs as templates for your team to use, and comes with social media content scheduling capabilities.

Explore all the features that each Canva for Teams plan has on our pricing page.

All you have to do is pick a plan, sign up, and build a team by inviting your team members via email. Then, everyone can start designing right away. You can work on Canva from any device, and teams can collaborate together in real time.

Canva is known for its minimal learning curve, so everyone in your newsroom — from journalists to management to interns and designers — can make great use of the tool. To learn more, check out how AusBiz used Canva to build their audience across platforms.

Canva is dedicated to protecting your brand assets and helping you to keep your files safe. Your data and confidential materials are secure with Canva’s privacy and security compliance features.

If you run into a snag, the Help Center can answer quick questions and explain Canva features with step-by-step instructions. Our support team is also available to help with any technical issues or questions you may have. And larger teams get access to 24/7 support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

You can use our premium content, which includes stock audio and video, in Canva designs for a wide range of personal and commercial uses for marketing or social media. Take a look at Canva’s copyright, legal, and commercial use guidelines for more details on using content with premium elements for your news organization.


Canva, the design tool for newsroom teams

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