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Deliver content with speed

In a newsroom, speed is key and your content needs to look great, across all channels, stat. Canva is the collaborative visual communication platform that makes it easy for news teams to design, produce, and self publish content in moments, on any device, from anywhere in the world — no design experience necessary.

  • Easy design platform: Create designs without the learning curve
  • Real-time collaboration: Co-create, edit, and see changes instantly
  • Access on any device: Create on desktop or mobile via the Canva app

Accelerate your creation timelines

Canva has all the tools you need to tell your story, your way. Improve team efficiency in real-time with live comments and instant approval workflow, and accelerate output with ready-to-use newsroom templates for all types of stories. You’ll also gain access to 75million+ premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics to bring any piece of content to life.

  • Live Comments: Stay in sync on any device
  • Premium content: Access 75 million+ photos, audio videos, and graphics
  • Templates: 420,000+ professional templates to choose from
  • Canva Video: Create video templates and easily upload footage

Design once. Publish everywhere.

Save countless hours resizing graphics with correct dimensions in order to publish your content on all channels. With our resizing tool, Instagram Stories magically become Facebook posts in just one click. And Twitter banners can instantly morph into Twitter post dimensions seamlessly. You can also repurpose any existing template and customize the headlines and images for any story in seconds.

  • Magic Resize: One-click resizing from one document type to another
  • Saved templates: Create templates that can be localized in seconds

Protect your brand authority

Access to Brand Kit and built-in Brand Control features enable everyone to create designer-approved branded designs, every time. Brand Kit enables you to upload your brand fonts, colors, logo, and drag them into any design. Designed templates and locked elements can also be accessed and customized by anyone with permission.

  • Brand kit: Store your logo, brand colors, and fonts
  • Brand Control: Limit access to images, templates, fonts, and colors
  • Locked elements: Ensure your branding is protected
  • Team Folders: Save, repurpose, share & store assets safely
  • Team Dashboard: Assign roles and manage teams in one place

Mobilize your team wherever they are

News stories can happen unexpectedly. Whether you’re in the office, or out in the field, locally or internationally, Canva is a platform that moves with you. Teams of two or 2,000 can easily find and invite teammates, choose access permissions, and start creating in seconds, from any device on our mobile app.

  • Real-time collaboration: Work together in real-time from anywhere
  • Access on any device: Create on desktop, mobile, and the Canva app
  • Approval workflow: Review and approve content instantly

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At Canva, we value great journalism and understand the ever-greater demands of the news cycle. We also know that newsrooms come in many shapes and sizes, so we’re committed to creating solutions that can be customized to meet your team’s or individual needs. Great newsrooms are made up of great journalists and Canva is here to provide powerful tools for you to do great work.

Canva Pro is the perfect design solution for individual journalists – especially freelancers. You don’t need to be working in a newsroom to enjoy the benefits of Canva. With Canva Pro, you get more than 75 million+ premium images and thousands of premium benefits. Sign up for a free trial.

Canva for Enterprise is ideal for scaling all the benefits of Canva Pro across your news team or network of newsrooms. You get all the same smart design features of Canva Pro with advanced controls to collaborate and publish at scale. We understand that maintaining brand consistency can be difficult when you’re moving at the speed of breaking news. Canva for Enterprise gives you that control.

It depends on the nature of your team and content. Many newsrooms find that social media is a great place to start as Canva is the perfect tool for social news feeds, and a great way to start seeing the power of the platform.

Canva for Enterprise comes with 24/7 Enterprise-level-support. We help onboard your teams and set-up your brand kits, templates, and folders. There are also tutorials, resources, and ongoing support as you need to grow and evolve.