Canva for sales teams

Canva makes it easy for anyone on your team to create sales pitch decks, advertising and sales promotions, videos, and more.
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Sales teams use Canva to engage and convert prospects

Connect with prospects, build relationships, and close deals faster with world-class visual content. Canva is the powerful, easy-to-use design platform sales teams can use to collaborate on pitch decks, presentations, videos, product one-pagers, business cards, brochures, social media posts, and more.

Features like Brand Kit and brand controls make it easy to create new sales materials while staying on brand. You can also tap into an extensive library of high-quality images, fonts, and graphics at no extra cost, and you can create and order branded-merchandise and get it delivered anywhere.

Create powerful pitch materials that increase sales efficiency

  • Easy, all-in-one platform: Create beautifully designed sales materials without the learning curve.
  • Create assets on the go: Work from a desktop or in the Canva app on any device.
  • Locked elements: Make sure your brand is consistent by locking your logo placement, colors, or fonts.
  • Saved templates: Customize templates in seconds and use them as your starting point for all new sales assets.

Drive sales through social media posts

Modern sales teams rely on social media more than ever. With Canva, social media posts come together in moments – just customize a template, schedule it, and publish directly from the platform. And wherever your team posts, across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even TikTok, Canva’s one-click image resizer adjusts the size, resolution, and distribution of elements so your team isn’t wasting valuable time.

Effective communication for sales teams

Design and print sales materials

Many sales associates are sent out into the field, and with in-person communication comes the need for print materials. Canva is the perfect platform for creating printed sales collateral. From flyers and product one-pagers to brochures and business cards, Canva has thousands of templates to choose from that can help you build your brand and get deals over the line.

Create polished, up-to-date sales materials at speed


Edit and publish sales demo videos

Sales teams have come to rely on demo walkthrough videos as a way to efficiently show the capabilities of a product or service. While some videos need to be professionally edited, in many cases sales teams can make the videos themselves.

With Canva, you can quickly create high-quality branded sales or marketing videos – simply edit right in the platform, add your branding and logo, and export them right away. A catchy email or social media post can help boost registration and attendance at sales events.

Create engaging sales demo videos

Collaborate across sales teams

Outbound, inbound, and field sales associates all have slightly different needs when it comes to advertising and marketing materials. But everyone can benefit from working with pre-approved, brand-ready templates and real-time collaboration.

With effortless sales collateral management, there’s no more wasting unnecessary time sending versions of pitch decks, one-pagers, or brochures back and forth for review and approval.

Make sales content management easier with built-in approval workflows

  • Approval workflows: Review and approve designs instantly.
  • Built-in comments: Add and resolve comments so every stakeholder has their say.
  • Real-time collaboration: Work together in real-time from anywhere.

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