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In sport, speed and precision are everything — whether competing in the middle of a field, or in the boardroom for sponsorships. Canva helps you create, manage, and deliver content with unmatched speed, ease, and brand consistency. And unlike your players, you don’t need to train for years — anyone on your team can use Canva, no design experience required.

  • Easy design: Create professional designs in seconds
  • Team folders: Save, repurpose, share & store assets safely

We’re all for the fans

Fans are the lifeblood of any team. You need to keep them engaged with high-quality content, but chances are, your resources are thin. Canva empowers content and digital teams to be more responsive and creative. Create professional prints, social media posts, game plans, marketing collateral, and even videos using Canva’s simple design tools on any device.

  • Brand templates: Create team templates for any format
  • Magic resize: One-click resizing from one document type to another
  • Saved templates: Create templates that can be localized in seconds

Rally your team faster

With Canva, everything is quick to create — whether it’s a social post or partner presentations. Be the first to promote a half-time score or the first to celebrate a win., You can brainstorm ideas, Announce team news or drive engagement with a few clicks. Whether you’re in the office or on mobile, you can easily comment, approve designs, and get instant notifications directly from the Canva editor.

  • Access on any device: Create on desktop, mobile, and the Canva app
  • Built-in comments: Collaborate and communicate within the design
  • Approval workflow: Review and approve designs instantly

Brand consistency, every time

You’ve built a sports brand that people love, so consistency is a must. Canva’s built-in brand control features mean that everyone – from your team to commercial partners – will get it right. Preload your Brand Kit with your colors, fonts, and logos, then create branded templates. There’s no need to design from scratch ever again. You can also control who has access to your assets by setting different permissions for internal teams and external parties.

  • Brand Control: Limit access to images, templates, fonts, and colors
  • Locked elements: Ensure your branding is protected
  • Saved templates: Create templates that can be localized in seconds

Own your content

Commercial rights are serious business, so we’ve made it easy to stay in control. With Canva, our centralized content management tool lets you quickly set up permissions to ensure the content you create can only be used by those you approve. You’ll even gain access to 75million+ premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics. It’s everything you need to create new content and enhance the content you already have.

  • Magic Resize: Create one design, then resize in one-click
  • Canva Video: Create video templates and easily upload footage
  • Canva Print: Sustainably print with delivery & pick-up options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canva is the perfect solution for any sports team or sports code that needs to produce on-brand content at scale. Whether your operations run from a central head office or different clubs, Canva can help your internal team and external partners to create content faster, with less effort, while also safeguarding your brand. Canva can be used wherever the professional design is needed to drive engagement with fans, maintain brand consistency at every touchpoint, and drive revenue through professionally designed ads, merchandise, and more.

Canva is the wall-to-wall solution across the sports business or organisation. Whether it’s the sales and sponsorship teams tailoring presentations, the digital team pumping out content to promote this week’s game, or the partnerships team working on a new venture, Canva makes it easier and quicker. And, just like your players, we know that teams have to work together. So, Canva empowers your whole organisation to collaborate and create simultaneously: comments, questions or amendments can be made in the document for immediate review.

Any images you upload to Canva are for your use only, and the commercial rights for those images are retained. If you’re working with external parties on Canva, you can easily control team access and permissions using our centralized content management tool.

Canva is a design, marketing, and collaboration platform that will become central to your content production and publishing needs. Canva streamlines your workflows by allowing both small and large teams to build templates, access brand assets, and create customized designs all in one place — no design experience needed. As the world’s easiest drag-and-drop design tool, you can remove design bottlenecks and empower everyone in your organization to create, collaborate and publish from the beginning to end of your existing workflows.