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Why tech companies use Canva

From startup to scale-up, marketing a tech company takes a lot more than just finding and converting leads. Effective marketing is about building a memorable brand, making a first impression that sticks, and creating content that educates and delights your community. That’s where Canva comes in. Canva empowers everyone on your team to create on-brand, memorable content in any format.

Asset Library

Choose from over 100 million free and premium images and design elements.

Real-time collaboration

Co-create, edit, and see changes instantly across your team.

Example of sharing designs with tech team in Canva

Scale faster with Canva

Having the tools to easily create compelling content is key to growing a tech company. From creative social posts that engage your audience to user manuals, email templates, and more, brand consistency and a strong visual identity are critical.

Brand Kit

Built-in brand controls help your team access your brand’s colors, fonts and images.

Branded templates

More than 610,000 templates are ready to be customized and saved for your team to use.

Real-time collaboration

Co-create, edit, and see changes in real-time.

Assets library

Millions of photos, icons, audio clips, and more are available with Canva’s premium asset library, all free for commercial use.

Brand kit for tech companies in Canva

Protect your brand identity

From infographics showcasing a new product or software feature, to a video promoting your company culture or vision, using Canva to create content makes sure your brand will always be consistent.

Brand Kit

Create or upload your brand elements and keep your brand in check, no matter who’s designing.

Locked elements

Lock the most important elements in design templates, like your logo, colors, or fonts, so designs remain on brand.

Approval workflow

Review and approve designs in real-time.

Content planning and scheduling for tech teams in Canva

Design once and share everywhere

When you’ve got a big update to share, like a new software solution or round of funding, you’re going to want to share that news far and wide, on every platform and format. Canva’s Resize & Magic Switch tool allows you to adjust your design for every social media platform, in one click.

Resize & Magic Switch

One-click resizing from one doc type to another.

Social Media Design and Scheduling

Create and schedule content to your social media accounts directly from Canva.

Tech presentation editing in Canva

Managing content and design assets at scale

Tech companies grow fast, which means your marketing, sales, and internal comms teams are producing content all over the place. Canva easily integrates with the rest of your marketing tech stack, as it’s compatible with SSO and can be set up with two-factor authentication to protect your files and creative assets.

Canva Teams

Invite new team members to design right away, and manage workflows and access permissions.

Two-factor authentication

Peace of mind that your data is protected.


Integrate Canva with your existing security practices.

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