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Canva for technology companies

Empower your teams to build your brand efficiently.

Enable brand consistency at every level

Building a business that encourages everyone on your team to adopt an innovative mindset and become a brand advocate is easy with Canva —  the world’s easiest visual communication platform. Whether it’s running effective stand-up meetings, organizing sprint projects, or creating a presentation, Canva gives all teams the power to unleash their creativity while ensuring every design is on-brand, every time.

Empower design for everyone within a framework

Canva allows your team the freedom to create within a framework. Manage team access, lock and unlock elements within templates, create pre-designed templates, and upload brand kits that make it simple for anyone in your organization to consistently create on-brand assets.

  • Brand Kit: Upload and access your logo, brand colors, and fonts
  • Brand Templates: Create templates for your entire team
  • Team permissions: Set permissions and roles with ease
  • Notification center: Centralize communication within the platform

Streamline workflows with templates

Whether it’s a LinkedIn header, social posts, or marketing proposals, designers can quickly select or design branded templates that can be instantly accessed and personalized by anyone, in seconds. So you can say goodbye to design bottlenecks.

  • Brand Control: Limit access to images, templates, fonts, and colors
  • Locked elements: Ensure your branding is protected
  • Approval workflow: Review and approve designs instantly
  • Saved templates: Create templates that can be localized in seconds
  • Folders: Save, store and share assets safely in one place

Onboard your team with zero fuss

Get started instantly and forget about complicated software downloads and registrations. Teams of any size from any location can find and invite teammates, choose their access permissions, and start working together in seconds. Canva can also be securely accessed with single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

  • Two-factor authentication: Ensure that your data is protected
  • SSO: Integrate Canva with your existing security practices


Nurture collaboration from anywhere

To enable companies to scale, deliver, collaborate better and move faster, Canva works to bring better communication within a business. Whether you’re big or small, centralized or decentralized, global and local, you can design, brainstorm, and share ideas in real-time from any device. If you’re planning a hackathon or project managing product sprints you can also easily post comments, tag your team, and share designs in a few clicks. Teams can even, review, comment, and approve designs directly within Canva.

  • Built-in comments: Collaborate and communicate within designs
  • Real-time collaboration: Co-create, edit, and see changes instantly
  • Team Folders: Save, tag, share & store assets safely

Design once. Promote everywhere.

Solutions that disrupt the status quo are at the heart of every technology company. With Canva, every design only needs to be created once and can be magically repurposed and localized in a few clicks. With our easy resizing technology, you can magically transform Instagram Stories into Facebook posts, and turn flyers into posters with one click — saving you countless hours resizing graphics with correct dimensions.

  • Magic resize: One-click resizing from one document type to another

Integrate with existing tools and workflows

Canva seamlessly fits into your existing workflows. By placing Canva at the center of your team’s toolkit, creating templates, publishing directly to social media, sharing assets, and collaborating is easy and fast.

  • Social Media: Create and publish to your social media accounts directly
  • Schedule: Create and schedule content to your accounts directly
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Canva is the perfect solution for employees and teams working in a startup or in established technology-driven companies. With Canva you can easily empower anyone to consistently create and deliver on-brand content every time and ensure your brand lives and breathes through your entire organization. Your team will gain instant access to our platform, which will centralize and store all your branded content in one place.

Adopting Canva as your go-to brand and visual communication platform means you can easily onboard your team with minimal training. Forget complicated software that needs downloading, Canva is accessible on any device, anywhere in the world. With Canva, you can easily find and invite team members, choose their access permissions, and start creating in seconds. Teams can also easily collaborate with built-in commenting, real-time collaboration, and notification features.

Our security team has worked hard to ensure that the data of our clients and users are protected. So you can rest assured knowing that your data is in safe hands.

Skip the queue and get your tech requests solved quickly via our support channels with Canva for Enterprise. Plus gain access to a Customer Success Manager. As your personal point of contact, they will be on hand to assist organizations with over 50 seats with any onboarding and account management needs.