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Canva’s sustainability practices and goals

We're proud of what we've achieved and excited about our big goals


first Australian company to sign The Climate Pledge


joined Frontier Climate to accelerate permanent carbon removal


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Climate templates

Be a force for good with bold climate action

The scientific consensus is clear that we must limit global warming to 1.5°C. To achieve this, the planet needs to drastically reduce climate pollutants, and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Tackling climate change and thinking about our own ability to reduce carbon emissions is one of the ultimate ways of "being a force for good," one of our guiding values.

Impactful climate action

Canva is committed to partnering with leaders in climate action to drive meaningful impact within our own operations, and also beyond our value chain. In 2024 we announced a Community Solar VPPA(opens in a new tab or window) in collaboration with Watershed and our Print partners, to support decarbonization of Canva Print, and our Scope 3 emissions. We are proud to have been the first Australian participant in Frontier(opens in a new tab or window) Climate to accelerate permanent carbon removal solutions.

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To “be a force for good” is one of the core values that drive us at Canva. It's a value that resonates with so many Canvanauts because it directly influences the decisions that we make in every aspect of the company, and consequently the true impact that Canva has on the world.

Cameron Adams

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Canva

Sustainable offices

Running on renewables

Our Scope 2 electricity for Canva’s headquarters in New South Wales is matched with 100% renewable energy, via a power purchase agreement with Engie Australia. In 2021, we matched 100% of our interstate Australian, and international office, energy use using the PPA, and via renewable energy certificates such as REC, LGC, EAC certificates. We’re supporting decarbonisation and renewable energy deployment within our supply chain via our Community Solar VPPA investment in collaboration with our Print Partners, and Watershed.

You print, we plant

For every print order placed with Canva, we plant a tree – it is a simple idea with a big impact.

Canva is on a mission to heal the planet through restoring degraded lands that provide critical resources for remote communities and wildlife. By planting and protecting trees, we’re improving water retention, biodiversity and habitat protection while also creating opportunities in agriculture and agroforestry for small farmers to farm more sustainably.


Canva is committed to reducing emissions within our operational control, within our supply chain, and also beyond our value chain. Our climate and sustainability investments look to take meaningful, and additional, actions to lower emissions within our Scopes 1, 2, and 3. In parallel, our funding of programs such as One Print, One Tree, and Frontier, aim to leverage both nature and technology to achieve global climate outcomes. This includes efforts for mitigiating deforestation in Africa, supporting biodiversity goals in The Philippines, and scaling emerging technologies critical to addressing legacy emissions. All of this is part of Canva’s Step Two plan.

Sustainability templates

Our strength is to empower the world through design. We have created a vast library of climate action templates which is constantly growing. In 2021, our Earth Day templates were downloaded 3.1 million times.

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Blue and White Climate Change Poster
Orange and Pink Bright and Bold Awareness Education Climate Change Instagram Post
Green Photocentric Empowerment Climate Change Facebook Post
Bright blue Happy Earth Instagram Post
Blue Green Cream Earth Clock Climate Change Poster
Navy Blue Earth Ice Cream Global Warming Social Media Graphic
Green Clean and Corporate Business Fighting Climate Change Twitter Post
Blue Green Yellow Illustrated Global Warming Social Media Post
Orange Pink Green and Blue Bold Climate Change Poster
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Lisa’s lighting the way

Lisa Blair is a powerful force for good. She is the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica with one stop. She is now heading out again to sail non-stop, solo, and unassisted around Antarctica in less than 100 days to raise awareness for climate action. We have partnered with Lisa to inspire people to take positive environmental action.