Designing a better future

Canva’s sustainability practices and goals

Canva’s commitment

Alongside our partners, employees, and creative community, we’re committed to making even more of a positive impact across every aspect of the business.

In 2021, our global operations will be carbon neutral, and we’re working on transitioning our print operations to also become carbon neutral.

In addition, Canva’s head office in Australia is powered by 100% renewable energy. Canva’s global operations and data services will be transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2024. We’re also committed to ensuring we have a positive impact on the climate and have set the huge goal of being completely climate positive by 2023. The focus is on reducing our footprint, with our per employee emissions reduced by roughly 50% over the next five years. What we can’t reduce, we’ll offset with internationally recognized carbon projects and planting initiatives.

Achieve more, leave less

As we help the world do more with design, we aim to leave less of a footprint on our planet. Over the years, we’ve taken conscious steps toward redesigning our impact.

We are carbon neutral

Our first carbon neutral objective was achieved by joining the Climate Active
network, and our Australian operations and international data are certified
carbon neutral as of 2020.

We print sustainably

We source paper from sustainable sources and our packaging is made with Post Consumer Waste. Where possible, we print locally to avoid an estimated 80% of the emissions caused by shipping internationally.


Clean mind and body

We support ethical suppliers

We choose to work with suppliers that embrace environmentally-friendly
manufacturing processes.

We consume consciously

On weekdays, our kitchens provide breakfast and lunch for our teams globally.
In our Sydney office of 600 staff, 70% of produce is sourced from organic farms.

Power to the people

We minimize waste

All our organic waste is composted, all single-use plastics have been removed
from our Australian kitchens, and we’re currently working to achieve the same in our global offices. In addition, we support various charities with zero food waste initiatives.

We rally for change

Canva’s climate change collection templates were downloaded more than 2.6
million times. These climate strikers shared their passionate campaign messages via posters, social media material, and event flyers.


One Print, One Tree

To make sustainable choices easy for our creative community, we’re planting a tree for every print order placed. These trees will take root at restoration sites across Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Haiti, made possible through our partnership with Reduce. Reuse. Grow. Inc.

By working in these countries, Canva can help restore and rejuvenate vulnerable ecosystems, contribute to the fight against climate change by
planting carbon-sequestering forests and mangroves, and deliver ecological and
social benefits to local populations.

Reduce. Reuse. Grow. Inc. and their partners only employ locals to carry out the planting, ensuring they contribute to an economic boost. In addition, all planting sites and projects are annually certified by third-party groups to ensure transparent and truthful restoration.

There’s no limit to the number of trees we can plant. Together we can make each print order count as an investment in our environment’s health for future

Our current initiatives

From the bees on our rooftop to farm volunteer days, our office setup and staff all play a role in giving back to the environment.

  • Getting bee-sy: So far, the busy bees living on Canva’s Sydney HQ rooftop
    have made over 30kgs of honey. Our hives produce 250kg per year.
  • Growing our communities: Visits to our Australian sustainability partners,
    Hebron Farm and Black Duck Foods, help us grow our understanding and appreciation of sustainable food systems and traditional knowledge.
Chickens at the farm and beehives on the Canva rooftop

Be a force for good

One of Canva’s core values is to be a ‘force for good’. It’s a statement that steers the decisions we make, the goals we set, and the culture we create as a company. It also drives us to work harder on our journey towards sustainability.

So as we strive to empower the world to design, it’s essential we make a positive impact on our planet. That’s why every design created, shared, or printed not only helps our creative community achieve their goals but also achieves ours.


For more information about Canva’s sustainability practices and goals, please get in touch.