Turquoise Heading Website Facebook Cover

Promote your website on social media through a well-designed cover photo that you can easily customize on Canva. Let this minimalist template help you get started. Its monochrome background features a laptop, a notebook, and a pen, contrasted perfectly by turquoise letters and a patterned border lining the bottom of the page. The light colored text, aligned neatly on the right side of the layout, comes in a readable, print typeface which you can easily change through Canva’s accessible editing feature and media library.

Blue Notebook Guide Wattpad Book Cover
White Notebook Style Preschool Book Report
Violet Notebook High School Book Report
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Elegant Gold Patterned Notebook Book Cover
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Black White Notepad Mystery Notebook Book Cover
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Elsewhere Magazine Cover
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Gray Notebook and Coffee on Table Wattpad Book Cover
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Blue and Yellow Tropical Leaves Notebook eBook Cover
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Colorful Tropical Floral Notebook Kindle Cover
Yellow Flower Simple Quote Notebook Cover
Purple Pink Yellow Funky Notebook Cover
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