Wrapped Gift Christmas Greeting Card

There are two types of cards that come attached to presents. Simple, elegant ones that show you've taken the time and effort to wrap their gift lovingly. And, there are blue sticky notes that have (hopefully) been stuck to the right present before you loaded the back of the car.

Be honest, you're usually in that last one, right? Well don't worry.

No matter how late you've left your wrapping, these customizable tags are a simple and easy fix. Fill out their names, print them off and you're ready. Now, if only you knew how to tie a bow.

Green and Red Illustration Christmas Naughty or Nice Card
Red and Blue Chimney Christmas Art Card
Green with Santa Naughty or Nice Christmas Card
Light Blue Trees and Stars Christmas Art Card
Green Dots Snowman Christmas Thank You Card
Blue Elegant Christmas Card
Green Family Christmas Card
Family Photo Christmas Card
Blue Balls Christmas Card
Winter Snowflake Christmas Gift Certificate
Magenta Bordered Christmas Card
Gold Couple Christmas Card
Green Leaves Christmas Card
Teal Family Photo Christmas Card
Green Snowflakes Christmas Card
Floral Bordered Christmas Card
Funny Wine Christmas Card
Christmas Icons Funny Card
Green Family Photo Christmas Card
Blue Cute Kid Christmas Card
Pink Cartoon Christmas Card
Funny Seasonings Christmas Card
Dark Green Decorative Christmas Card
Red Bells Photo Christmas Card
Red Fabric Photo Christmas Card
Red Christmas Tree Christmas Art Card
Red with Photo Photo Christmas Card
Cream Ornamental Decorations Christmas Place Card
Purple Blue Starry Christmas Card
Blue Illustrated Bell Funny Christmas Card
Red Family Christmas Holiday Photo Card
Blue Christmas Pattern Thank You Card
Green Red Panda Illustration Christmas Place Card
Gold Christmas Thank You Card
Red Christmas Photo Holiday Card
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