Blue Lines Bar Mitzvah Card

Send out sweet and thoughtful greetings on your nephew's bar mitzvah with this customizable greeting card from Canva. It's in an iconic blue shade bordered with decorative lines and Jewish star icons.

Select from our fonts and ready-made typography elements to add your greeting on the card. We have an adjustable color palette too just in case you want to switch themes and background colors. Our drag-and-drop uploader will easily take care of the graphics and photos you want to insert to make your greeting card truly special and personalized.

Blue Pastel Star of David Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Illustrations Bar Mitzvah Card
Teal Chevron Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Geometric Pattern Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Lines & Photo Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Jewish Pattern Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Shapes Modern Bar Mitzvah Card
Navy Blue Gold Pattern Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Mandala Bar Mitzvah Card
Dark Blue and Yellow Stripes Bar Mitzvah Card
Gold & Light Blue Modern Bar Mitzvah Card
Light Blue with Grayscale Photo Bar Mitzvah Card
Green Icons Minimalist Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue and Gold Bordered Elegant Bar Mitzvah Card
Blue Green and Cream Candles Bar Mitzvah Card
Pink Beige Stripes Star of David Bar Mitzvah Card
Yellow & Blue Stripes Background Bar Mitzvah Greeting Card
Blue and White Grid Drink Icon Modern Bar Mitzvah Card
Black and Blue Bar Cityscape Just Because Card
Modern Color Bars Filmmaker Business Card
Modern Color Bars Filmmaker Business Card
Birthday Card
Blue Gold Elegant Bartender Business Card
Dark Blue and Yellow Dot Pattern Modern Bar Mitzvah Card
Bright Bridal Shower Card
White Photo Bright Bridal Shower Invitation Card
Orange Navy Photo Modern Corporate Business Rack Card
Blue Illustrated Beer Best Man Wedding Card
Peach Search Bar Valentine's Card
Illustrated Fish Bar Restaurant Business Card
Monochromatic Hotel Bar Business Card
Blue Minimalist Icons Bar Business Card
Turquoise Cafe and Bar Business Card
Blue Manicure Salon Bar Business Card
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