Orange and Green Lightbulb Academic Certificate

Award the latest batch of graduates with a certificate of academic excellence. This particular template highlights the bright achievement with a simple lightbulb illustration decorating the side. Just add in the important details and the school’s information to complete the look.

With Canva you can also customize the design to suit the school. Simply select an element to apply any necessary changes to things like the color scheme, font style, and layout. Check out our tutorial to learn more about working the program.

Geometric Lines Academic Certificate
Academic Excellence Certificate
Green Building Academic Certificate
Orange Bordered Academic Certificate
Textured Background Academic Certificate
Academic Diploma Certificate
Brown Arabesque Pattern Academic Certificate
Academic Achievement Award Certificate
Gold Simple Formal Academic Certificate
Turquoise Contribution Certificate
White and Black Minimal Academic Certificate
Blue and Gray Patterned Academic Certificate
Cream Green Ornate Border Academic Certificate
Cream with Brown Borders Academic Certificate
White and Blue Helm Icon Academic Certificate
Orange Grey Laurel Academic Excellence Certificate
Orange and Cream Bordered Formal Academic Certificate
Red Blue Simple Badge Vintage Academic Certificate
White & Gold Elegant Academic Award Certificate
Gold and Cream Academic Achievement Certificate
White with Orange Border and Photo Academic Certificate
Cream and Bronze Geometric Pattern Background Academic Certificate
Red and Cream Framed Academic Professional Certificate
Dark Blue and Cream Leaves Academic Achievement Certificate
Gold Blue Academic Excellence Student Certificate
Simple Brown Academic Resume
Pastel Bordered Completion Certificate
White Minimalist Academic Resume
Stellar Attendance Certificate
Blue Icon Academic Resume
Pastel Simple Academic Resume
White and Charcoal Accelerated Reader Certificate
Cream with Stars Illustration Funny Certificate
Blue and White Playful Pattern Student Certificate
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