Next Music Sensation A4 Flyer

For this A4 sized poster and flyer design, we decided to shake things up a bit and head down the road least likely taken. Instead of our usual designs, we took inspiration from our favorite magazines and created a hip design that looks as if it was ripped straight out of one. Sounds crazy but it just might work? It works!

Canva stayed true to its roots, and kept the design minimalistic and neat: your choice of image, and a column of neat text underneath in varying, customizable black typefaces. It’s a perfect classy design, with a modern, rebellious finish.

Music Fundraiser Flyer
Red Retro Vinyl Music Flyer
Blue and Pink Brush Strokes Music Festival Flyer
Beige with Musical Notes Illustration Volunteer Flyer
Dark Blue and Pink Music Festival Flyer
Music Party Fundraiser Flyer
Neon Blue Illustrated DJ Music Flyer
Pink and Black Creative Photo Grid Music Festival Flyer
Pastel Eggs Music Easter Flyer
Light Salmon Outline Violin Music Flyer
Orange Text with Black and White DJ Music Flyer
Blue Music Notes Festival Flyer
Yellow with Instrument Music Tutor Flyer
Brown Black Photo Music Concert Flyer
Bright Pink Photo Music Festival Flyer
Blue Brush Strokes Summer Chill Wave Festival Music Flyer
Yellow and Black Shapes Music Festival Flyer
Red and Navy Blue Music Festival Flyer
Orange and Cream Jazz Illustration Concert Music Flyer
Coral Blue Tropical Leaves Music Festival Flyer
Blue Green Red Music Icons Open Mic Night Flyer
Light Blue Monochrome Simple Winter Forest Music Flyer
Neon Pink DJ Grayscale Photo Music Festival Flyer
Beach Photo Summer House Concert Flyer
Indie Music Fest Poster
Photo Grid Talent Show Flyer
Black and White Illustration Festival Flyer
Red Saxophone Jazz Concert Flyer
Yellow and Black Jazz Night Saxophone Illustration Concert Flyer
Outdoor Concert Park Fundraiser Flyer
Teal Beach Minimalist Simple Festival Flyer
El Nacional
Dance Festival Collage
White Renaissance Painting Gospel Concert Church Flyer
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