Photo Exhibit Flyer

Canva supports your artistic endeavors so it gives you this layout for your exhibit’s flyer design. The artsy photo in the simple layout is all yours if you think it represents the theme of your art. The blue grayish scheme is changeable through filters whose intensity you can adjust. Its current text elements are editable to your preferred size, color and font face. Other features you can utilize are the upload tool where you can use images from your computer and Facebook page, and the elements tool that has borders, icons and shapes for you to choose from.

Blue Photo Header Tutor Flyer
Beige Photo Personal Trainer Flyer
Black and White Street Photo Grid Food Drive Flyer
Green Line Photo Food Flyer
Neon Green Photo Personal Trainer Flyer
Blue White and Red Simple Photo Grid Food Drive Flyer
Photo Corporate Modern Job Fair Flyer
Coffee Photo with Orange Border Flyer
Black Photo Product Flyer
Orange Photo Festival Flyer
Navy Blue Simple Photos Sale Flyer
Black and White Photos Construction Flyer
Blue and Orange Pizza Photo Father's Day Flyer
Pink Photo Background Ministry Event Church Flyer
White Wedding Photography Flyer
Coral & White Modern Fashion Show Flyer
Photo Grid Talent Show Flyer
Yellow Photo Construction Flyer
Cream Wedding Photography Advertising Flyer
Black and White Photo Grid Barber Photo Father's Day Flyer
Pink and Black Creative Photo Grid Music Festival Flyer
Blue Photo Construction Flyer
Navy Blue Food Photography Flyer
Violet Polka Dots Daycare Flyer
Brown Breakfast Photo Food Flyer
Pink and White Scallop Edges Bake Sale Flyer
Brown Girl Photography Fashion Flyer
Colorful Photo Birthday Flyer
Blue Photo Construction Flyer
Green Children Photo Volunteer Flyer
Brown Photo Fashion Flyer
Yellow Simple Photo Food Flyer
Black Photo Grid Construction Flyer
Male Photo Handyman Flyer
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